someone please!! where can i get this wallet?

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  1. hi,

    I was watching tv yesterday, and one lady with the marc jacobs wallet really blew my mind!! :heart:

    i don't exactly remember the shape of the wallet she had, but most likely it has the envelop looking lid with the button in the middle.

    i googled it almost 6hours to find that wallet, but none of them are what im looking for.. :sad:

    here are some pics i think those model are similar to the wallet im looking for, so if you have any ideas, please feel free to give me a shot. :smile:
    (btw i don't the wallet is 09 model. it's probly 08 or 07.. but not sure though)

    someone please help me to get this wallet please!



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  2. Have you tried looking in the Reference Libraries? In the Marc Jacobs forum at the top there are sections for the Marc Jacobs Reference Library and the Marc by Marc Jacobs Reference Library. Perhaps there might be some useful pics there to help you pin-point your wallet. Here's the link to the thread about Marc Jacobs wallets (mostly Zip Clutch wallets)
    and the link for Marc by Marc Jacobs wallets
    Also try (if you haven't already) searching the MJ forum in general.
    Good luck!
  3. do you remember which tv show? maybe one of the girls saw it too..
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