someone please tell me about the first sighting of SPIAGGIA

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  1. I love hawaiian type stuff and I want to get a bag in the spiaggia print. So if you hear of any stores or online getting them in, please post ASAP!! It's supposed to come out in any time now!!

    think I'm gonna skip amore and get spiaggia instead..........I want a denaro, caramella and zucca!!
  2. Yes, it's supposed to come out next month. You can just pre-order it at Pulse.......then you don't need to worry?
  3. is it available for preorder now and do they have anymore coupons??
  4. yes, that's what i just said. and i dont know about coupons...
  5. sorry, didn't know the preorders for it started already. ;)
  6. We should start a lottery for the date it first appears. I'll take June 7th.
  7. Casey said there are no discounts/coupons for the Spiaggia because it's a new style... So just the free shipping.
  8. yeah I started looking through that before but there were so many pages I gave up and just thought I'd ask. Sorry.....I'm lazy!! :blush:
  9. when you put in a preorder do you have to pay for it right then?
  10. No, a pre-order is like them "reserving" it for you when it comes in. You have until they send it out to cancel your order. They charge you when it ships out.
  11. It's okay..but I think it was on the second page LOL. I'm kinda like you too...being too lazy to go through all the pages lol...
  12. oh okay. sweet!!! thanks maya!!!
  13. I'm probably totally ignorant, but who is that on your avatar licking his lips? Is that Beckham?
  14. Well....Pulse decided to try to get them all at full price for this next print ? I guess they figure that's better than having no tokis available to sell because they're all gone by the time they arrive! Oh well....if they don't put them on sale, I can't afford them. I'll probably have a platinum macy's card by then and will get free shipping and a sale. Even if I pay tax that would still be cheaper than retail/no ship/no tax. Oh well! I'm sure there will be a deal somewhere after they've been out a couple of weeks, right?