Someone please tell me about the Chanel Timeless Clutch...

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  1. Does it only come in one size? Do they come in python or any types of prints/patterns?

    I already have a black leather clutch (not chanel) and a chanel dark silver reissue so I don't want to repeat with another black clutch or dark silver item. I think something in python would be fun.
  2. Yes, one size only. It comes in caviar, lambskin, patent, perforated and python. Check out the pictures and colors in our reference library.
  3. The Chanel timeless clutch is a great bag. Roomy yet,small at the same time - perfect!:yes:
  4. I love my timeless clutch, I get compliments on it all the time! It is truly a treasure I will have for ages!!
  5. Would you consider a white caviar? I have it in both white and black and love them both! The white is very different yet practical.
  6. I think the white clutch is a great addition to a bag collection...I have the white caviar timeless clutch and it is a great bag for spring / summer...when you need a little something to hold whatnots but a flap or anything else seems too big.

    I agree you should consider white...:yes:
  7. oo i love the white caviar. its a real nice colour for a clutch. if u wana go a lil classy, the black patent is gorgeous!
  8. I would worry about the fact that you have to handle a clutch so much and white is susceptible to getting dirty. But I think Chanel can re-dip white bags.
  9. ^ I saw that IRL a few months ago and it literally stopped me dead in my was TDF!!!
  10. ^^ wow that is SO PRETTY! I was thinking something in more a non metallic white/black/grey python or exotic skin.
  11. the timeless clutch is a lovely addition to your chanel collection.. it's very roomy and can easily be dressed up or down
  12. can someone please tell me what the current price of the Timeless clutch in black caviar is..Thank you.
  13. I just bought mine and I love it. It's 1295.

  14. Thanks Bella! enjoy your new clutch!