someone please teach me how to put a pic on my avatar..

  1. it says not correct image file or *pout*:sad:
  2. maybe it has something to do with the image size???:huh:

    sorry, i'm not helping:hrmm:
  3. i think it has to be .jpeg or .bmp. what file is yours?
  4. its a bmp...i tried making it smaller and it still doean'twork
  5. ^ maybe it's too large. how many bites has your pic?
  6. I will move this to *site feedback* so Vlad can help you.
  7. it says:

    "Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 100 by 100 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller)."

    do you have a link or have you saved it on your computer?
  8. it won't load anything larger than 80x100 I believe.
  9. i shrank it down to super small on paint....*pout* how do i find out how many pixels they are?
  10. ^ for paint, on the toolbar, there is an area called "image". on the drag-down menu under "image", there is an option called "attributes".
    "attributes" should describe what size your image is in pixels...
  11. You can also open the image, right click, on the drop down menu go to Properties.

    You will see the size.
  12. Please email me the image, I will resize it for you. BMP files tend to be bigger in size, as they are not optimized at all.

  13. test
  14. can someone please give me instruction on how to make an image into my avatar?
    Sorry if this question was already answered somewhere.
  15. I found the section in control panel for avatars. I have pictures on my Mac, but the size is 336kb, and I have no idea how to resize. How do you resize an image?