Someone, please talk me down

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  1. By no means do I NEED a kelly green Blake, but is this bag so gorgeous that I would be a dum-dum for not calling a Nordstrom Rack and ordering one this weekend? Thanks in advance for your opinions!
  2. LOL bag-addict!! Well, I'm the wrong person to ask. Green is my favorite color and this particular green is sooo pretty! I would go for it!
  3. Have I mentioned recently how much I love this forum? Thanks!!!
  4. I'm not gonna be much help either, as I just purchased a Blake and love it to death! Besides, I've got to live up to my name - you NEED that bag! LOL!
  5. bag-addict, I think you should live up your name! :roflmfao:
  6. Chloe, I think you might have been that bad girl in high school that I would have LOVED to pal around with when not in accounting class. I think I will call some stores tomorrow! :tup:
  7. I saw one at the Rack I was in today and it was a lovely, vibrant shade. Great deal for lovers of green.

    BTW, they had one kelly green, and two berry blakes at the Nordstrom Rack in Towson, MD (check for store number) for $429.
  8. Being an enabler an all I'd say go for it!! :tup:

    The Kelly Green is so beautiful and such a "POP" color bag. And how can you go wrong with a Blake?? :yes:

    BTW, if you are calling around for a chargesend, I saw one today at the NR in San Leandro, CA.
  9. As in the Nike commercials, I say, "Just do it!"

    You know you want it.
  10. I am also an enabler by nature and I say go for it! You will regret not doing so.
  11. I think if you love the color, and it "talks" to you - then it is meant to be!---
    Sale price is just that much more delicious ...:yes::yes::yes:
  12. If you miss this bag at that price, you'll regret it, I bet. If you can afford it, then order away!
  13. me? bad? You must be joking. I would just merely making a suggestion out of a pure concern if your screenname outshine you. ;)
  14. It's a great price; if you really want it, then you should definitely get it.
  15. Well, I decided not to order a Blake after all. However, I went to the Charlotte, NC Nordstrom today and picked up 2 goodies left over from the half-yearly sale. I couldn't believe that they had a wheat Eva (so blake-like) on the sale table, so I snatched her up. Then, I bought my first ever Gryson bag, which is very much like an MJ bag, including suede lining RiRi zippers! It's style is "moni" and the color is smoke. It's really the darkest brown imaginable with black trim. Oh, and they both smell great!

    Thank you, enablers!
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