Someone please stop me...

  1. ... from buying more bags! I just purchased one from NM. This would be sixth bag this year alone (which we still have 49 weeks to go) and also fifth one bought in last six days! I need major Chanel intervention!! :lecture:

    There was this purse I've been lusting after in a NM catalogue but something always prevented me from ordering. When I saw it was all gone few days ago on NM site (using catalogue codes) I was a bit sad but also a bit relieved. I bought too many things recently. I also lost my credit card I use for most of my high end shoppings, so with that fact, I started to tell myself "it wasn't meant to be."

    Then, I finally got a new shiny card to replace the lost one today. I logged onto NM site as I've been thinking of getting few D & G clothes on sale. Before check out, I entered the code for the bag again, just for kicks. Voila~ My once thought missed out bag is now back on! Maybe someone's transaction went wrong? Or one was returned recently? I just started to punch in my new card number at ultra high speed, murmuring something crazy like, "You weren't not meant to be. You were meant to be MINE with better shipping." (NM is currently doing free 2 day shipping.)

    I really need H.E.L.P... :sos:
  2. Six Chanel bags in one month? Oh ... mi ... goodness. You are my new hero! :okay:
  3. Unfortunately, if I helped you, it would be the blind leading the blind. I would be a bad influence. It's so hard to have restraint!!!
  4. NanamiRyu - Wowwowow - very impressive... I admire you, but I am with Michele on that... good luck to you!! :nogood:
  5. NanamiRyu, I feel your pain! I am the same way. Part of me knows that I have to be sensible and stop shopping, but then there's this little devil sitting on my shoulder urging me on. It's especially tempting when the coveted object no longer appears to be available.
    btw, I didn't know you could look at chanel bags on nm website! that's very exciting... (see, here i go again...).
  6. Can you order Chanel online at NM?
  7. Yes, but you must use a catalog code & item number.
  8. I think this is the wrong place to ask that sort of question!!!!!!
    You go girl!!!!
    Oooops, did you really want me to tell you to stop!!! :p
  9. I wish I could tell you stop but all I can say is You rock! Shopaholics Unite :biggrin: lol, im not very good at self control.
  10. well...all I can say is good luck...I need to stop myself first!! haha :smile:
  11. Lol, but sorry can I say that tPF is the only place that would make me feel not bad for buying 3 Chanel bags in the past month! And if can find any of the bags below, it'll be more. Sorry, not much help here, but I feel your pain (and joy!). :smile:
  12. well, there is nothing much we can help....either u have to hide ur cc# somewhere and don't bring it up infront of u, so that u can stop using her to buy more bags.

    It's really your ownself's control. Honestly, i can said i really envy u that u can buy 6 bags in a row if you are able to manage your finances.....I really SALUTE you~~
  13. WOW! I can ONLY dream buying six bags in one month.
  14. hahahah! :roflmfao:
  15. You know, I hear ya! I've bought three Chanel bags since the beginning of this year and NOW I am done. Well, atleast that's what I'm telling myself. It's hard though. :smile: Anyway, can't wait to see the pics of your new bag!