Someone please slap me

  1. I just bought a Mollie bag in oak!
    I am insane as I really don't need it....but I lurve it!! :heart:
  2. Ooooh congrats!!! It is a lovely bag!
  3. slap?????????? don't u mean clap! well done you
  4. I was thinking of getting one myself. How big is it? Is it about the same size as the Annie?
  5. Congrats!!!! Post pics!! Boy, you are really fast at making decisions!! I rattle about for days before deciding. TRuly impressed with you!!:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  6. :lecture: is that what you wanted!!!!!?

    Lovely bag!
    you MUST post modelling pics when you get it and I want to know what the straps are like ie adjustable??? it's THE bag on my wish list!
  7. Fast work! You must be the first to snap up one of the new 08 season bags so we all want to see it. Looking forward to all the yummy pics!
  8. wooohoo, that was quick :yahoo:good choice :tup::tup:
  9. I live in london so it is easy to get to the Mulberry shop. I took one look and I think it is better than the Jacquetta. I was looking at the coming soon on the site the other day and as soon as I saw the Mollie, I thought "Oh great!!". The shop assisatnt told me they have sold 17 in a few days!! She may have just been pushy.

    I had to snap it up really!

    I had to put it through on 3 different cards to afford it. :shame:
  10. Wow, they must look great in person!!! Can't wait to see modeling pics!
  11. Well I don't think there is anything insane about that!!! I'm green with envy.
  12. The first Mollie on the forum. Enjoy her
  13. Wow! You move fast! I just found the "which one should I get" thread then I saw this one.

    Congrats on your new bag!
  14. I think you´ll find it hard to get anyone on this forum to slap you for buying a Mollie;)! Congrats!!! Can´t wait to see some modelling pics!
  15. I'll give you a slap! 3 cards! I love this forum but if you can't afford these bags then this probably isn't the safest place for you to be. Having said that, it's a gorgeous bag!