Someone please report this seller:(

  1. Hi all,
    i need help!
    heres the story. I won this authentic dior bag from eBay ( authenticated by lovely tpf members of course). Few days after i won the auction, i decided to search the bag i bought on eBay out of curiousty and i find an auction with the exact same picture of the bag i won. heres the link:

    the seller only managed to get 3 pictures from the original auction
    heres the link of the auciton i won:

    i wasnt happy about it and wasnt sure the bag i won was authentic as when i came across this fake auction, i didnt receive my bag so i was bit sceptical about the auction i won. So i decided to report the auction with the stolen photo to eBay and contacted the seller that stole the pics asking for more photos and where the seller got the bag from etc etc.

    The seller replied saying that he/she cant take pics as its public holiday in Ireland and that by the time he/she can get to his/her office the auction would end. (maybe this is true, i googled it up and it was public holiday this monday) The seller also tells me that they receive the item from their "secret suppliers" and argues that the photo has been supplied by them, and the auction i won is prob from the same supplier.( this is definately not true at all!, i have been scammed by sellers who says that they get bags from special "suppliers")

    I also got a reply from ebay saying that they cannot remove the listing as they say iam not the one whose photo was stolen, and that some people on ebay have one supplier who supplies images for their product, which is not against the rule of ebay.

    Reading this reply, i was confused and angry so i contacted the seller that sold the authentic bag and told him about this whole situation. He said he would report this item but ebay has dont nothing about it.

    As you can see, the auction has ended. I feel sorry for the winner of this auction:sad: but what annoys me more is this profile the seller decided to add on
    May-07-07 at 12:23:38 PDT, Hello and thanks for stopping by.
    Firstly about Me.
    I have been in the Fashion trade media for 4 years here in Ireland working free lance between editorial and reviewing shows.
    In this time I have established multiple contacts in the trade around Europe and the USA.
    I do not buy from Shops or Wholesalers or any form of middle man.All my Products come direct from Some of the top fashion houses in Europe and The USA.
    Most of my products are ex display and promotional in these Houses and would have been used in photo shoots for Media porfolios.Many of My products are still in their original Packaging.
    All My products are 100% Authentic guarenteed.Please dont email asking such.Any other questions are welcomed.

    if you look at other auction the seller is listing fake gucci bags, d&g bags which are all fake!
    Because ebay wanted "proof" i have been searching on ioffer for same pics and look what ive found :

    the seller says this is authentic d&g bag.

    this is fake bag from ioffer , the seller on ioffer clearly states that the bag is mirror image of the authentic bag

    Notice the same picture in the background? Mydior poster along with mischa barton's pic.( from the same FAKE supplier)

    these two auctions have same pics ( the close up of gucci engraving on the handles)

    some poor person bid on this bag ($650 US!!!):crybaby:
    ARRGH i hate sellers that sells fake and lies about it! Im going to report the seller again to ebay, but what bothers me is that they are not doing anything about it!! Maybe if more than one person reports this seller that may help?

  2. thx for the info SuSu i am reporting all his current auctions NOW ! :yucky:
  3. I think the items are fake!!!!!! I would cancel your payment ASAP. I purchased a fake Bottega Veneta purse form someone in Belfast, Ireland who gave a similar story about being a freelancer and being in the fashion busiiness and selling high-end purses used in fashion shoots. She is NARU now but this could be her new eBay name. REPORT THIS Seller.

    Here is the auction I won:

    Look at the similarites.
  4. Reported as well.

    Good job investigating!

    Keep us posted!!!
  5. Luckily i didnt bid on the fake listing.
    your link does work , but all the images are not showing, but the auction ended with US $1,446.88 for a fake bag?!!!!!!!!!!!!:cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:
  6. Yes a fake bag. I was naive and had not discovered TPF. It really turned me off to every buying on eBay again.
  7. e bay is full of fakes
    worse now than ever
    sorry to hear , your not alone in being scammed on fakes
    hope it works out
  8. :hysteric: Slimy scammers make me sick :hysteric:
  9. Seller is no longer a registered user!!

    Maybe we did help!!!!!
  10. Yeah! She's been pulled! For once, eBay does the right thing!:woohoo:
  11. YES !!
  12. Good Job Ladies! :yahoo:
  13. ARRGHH.....
    the seller is listing more fake D&G and pradas!!!
    ebay did nothing to the seller...what a shame!:sad:
  14. Wow, good info, Ladies, thank you so much! That's why I'm so hesitant to sell my real one on ebay - people might not bid because they'll think it's fake and I'll lose too much.