Someone please report this fake!

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  1. Reported! The more people who do it the faster eBay will do something about it. Takes tons of reports from different ebayers to get an item removed
    Thanks for letting us know!
  2. How did you know it was fake? Sorry, I'm just sitting at my PC today and decided to wear my 'learning' hat. :yes:
  3. 1.) I'm pretty sure LV never came out with a Vernis in that color.
    2.) LV's don't come with "Authenticity card" which this wallet is said to have
    3.) The wallet this fake is trying to take after has larger LV's and symbols which means a real one only has two LV's on the flap of the wallet while this fake has 5.

    Here's a real one...

  4. Hi!
    We have a thread specifically to post fakes in, it's a sticky.
    Please post there in the future.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.