someone please hold me

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  1. i found my grail bag this weekend. i didn't even know i had one. up until i saw it i swore i would never have a hermes bag, or at least not for many years. i just don't lead the lifestyle that i think a hermes bag deserves. and then, when i ran in to my alaskan h this weekend and was chatting with olive i saw her. for the first time, i asked to try her on (well that's not true. i tried on an evelyne before). it was true love at first sight. there was dingy and that AHHH music you hear when the gates of heaven open. the whole 9.

    but i can't have her. i asked my mom. pleaded. offered to work it off. anythign and everything. she said no. she said my priorities are screwed up that i think i need it. she said a lot of things and she was not wrong about any of them. i told her how much i wanted it, how it was an investment, anything. nothing mattered.

    but i can't stop thinking about it. about someone else is going to go home with my bag. how how perfect she would look on me and with my clothes. about how much i love her. i don't know what to do. after a day the feeling should have gone away. but it hasn't. i debated selling everything i own but even if i sell my bags its a) not enough and b)i truly don't think i could ever wear her around my mom even if i bought her myself. and then if i did sell all my bags and still couldn't afford it i would be bagless. ok, that's an exaggeration but you know what i mean.

    man, oh man, i wish hermes would do layaway. i would pay anything every week just to have her at the end and to make sure she would be mine someday. they wouldn't even hold her for me thinking i could drag my mom there to go see her saturday. i thought i might have a fighting chance if she saw her and if i took her to dinner friday night and she saw other peoples irl. but there's just no way. i spent the day thinking of asking her to go look at it this week while i'm at work but she won't and i can't ask. asking would make her mad.

    sigh. someone hold me and tell me something to let this go....
  2. Oh H, I'm so, so sorry.
  3. You'll feel awful for a while, but you'll forget all about this when that perfect raisin Kelly pops up. By then you'll have some money saved up and you'll be glad you didn't get this Kelly otherwise you wouldn't be able to get the raisin one.

    How's that?
  4. I'm so sorry to hear of your disappointment, hlfinn. Once you've been seduced by Hermes, it's difficult to face the challenges of one's bank account versus one's desires. This may be a cosmic signal to enjoy those lovely scarves you've been accumulating and start saving your discretionary $$$ for an Hermes bag. Please cheer up, sweetie, and try to think about what you have instead of what you don't have (yet).
  5. H, big hugs... time for a garage sale!
  6. Big'll feel better after a while. And it would be much, much nicer to buy a bag knowing inside that it was YOUR money and you didn't have to borrow from somewhere to buy it.
  7. *hugs* I am so sorry...I have definitely been there, more than once!!! :heart: It is hard but we just need to remember when the time is right, the right bag for us will come. I truely believe it!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. thanks guys. i think i only want this one. i think it's even better than a raisin one. sigh. thank you all for your nice thoughts and support. i feel crazy but i know i'm among friends. :heart: :love:
  9. I know exactly how you feel, darling, because my mom would react the same way. I know better as to when I should ask her for something, and when asking would send her over the edge. I'm sending a big hug your way! : )
  10. there, there -- it will be OK. you don't want a bag that's going to cause a rift in the family, so much better to raise the money and wait. unless it was something VERY unusual, you'll be able to get this dream bag when the time is right. can you tell us what this one was?
  11. H---

    Been there myself...I got to hold my grail bag ( except it was a size larger) and even looked at DH..and he shrugged...and I put it was a size larger...and I still hate myself...'s not like these ar one of a kind. It gives you time to save and make sure that you want the same bag a few years from now.

    Also it gives you perspective on whatever else you buy, taking away from the Kelly fund.

    and I'm with Rose....time to take stock of what you need.

    Oh and the good thing is is that I bet the bag you were looking at wouldn't sell as fast as you think..
  12. Oh, I'm so sorry it didn't work out. My mom is not alive now but I know for sure she would have said exactly what your mom said. Just think though... when you are financially on your own, you can buy whatever you want and not have to explain it to anyone. That is such a liberating feeling!

    BTW, what bag is it that is your grail bag?
  13. First, H, hugs!
    Second, the desire for the bag is something to savor-that will make the getting it even better.
    Third, if you are young enough to ask your Mom to buy you something and fortunate enough to own Hermes scarves, you are really very lucky.
    Fourth, the bag will come, the bag will come, just keep repeating, the bag will come...
  14. H, so sorry to hear it. Well at least you figured out what your grail bag is.

    Can you save up and then try to find it or SO it? Is it a rare bag that's unlikely to come by again? From what you said it sounds like a kelly. Kellies are much easier than birkins at least.
  15. Oh H, I am so sorry about how you feel. I really do believe you will find another perfect bag when the time is right!

    I know this won't help now--it's a little like my mom saying there's always another fish in the sea when a relationship ended--but I am sure that once you are prepared to buy your dream bag, one will appear! <hugs>