Someone please help, what is wrong with the strap!!!

  1. So I took out my chambray soho hobo to just take a look at her and I look at the strap and it's all warped....!

    Anyone know what caused this..or had this happen? Its like the leather came undone and there are pockets of air.. :wtf:

    Please help? I'd send it in to Coach, but if they can't fix it I still want this same's so beautiful. :crybaby:

  2. was it bent or anything while being stored?
  3. No I don't think so? I hung it up on my purse hanger.
  4. Its fine when I bend it it or hold it on my shoulder
  5. i just looked at my medium signature hobo bag that i have, I have noticed this before and i've noticed the same thing too luv... i have always told myself its just the wear of the leather... :yes:
  6. I hope thats what it is anyways... it doesn't have that effect when its on my shoulder though...
  7. That actually makes me feel a lot better...I felt as if I abused her..well I think i'll take your reasoning for it...Thanks!:yes:

  8. Same here...It looks perfectly normal on the shoulder.
  9. I wouldn't worry about it too much luv, i think all the leather bags are just made like that since its softer leather... i think its from wearing it too much! haha... can't resist COACH! :drool:
  10. Amen to that...I wore the :censor: out of her ahhaa
  11. yea my soho bag did the same thing and i have had mine for a little over a year now and i carry my bag almost everyday.. i guess it is just wear and tear
  12. haha... thats the same as with my hobo bag... well good thing we all are on the same page, that its just from wear and tear... if it wasn't, all of us might have passed out for sec! <whew> sigh of relief... you don't have to breathe into the brown bag anymore luv... haha j/k :lol: