someone please help me

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  1. Hi everybody,
    I am coming here hoping to get some opinions and insight on a purchase I need to make. About a month ago I put a damier ebene porte tresor wallet on layaway for $350. All the money is due by Sept 30th but here is my dilemma. Someone is offering to sell me a gently used Mono Looping MM for $300.

    Which one would you take?? Should I back out of the wallet or turn down the purse.

    P.S. the only LV item I own is a damier ebene speedy 30
  2. I would take the wallet. I love having a matching one with whatever purse I am carrying. Also, I found the mm looping too small. I used to have one in damier and would never be able to use it now. The opening is narrow and hard to get things in and out of. Anyway, get the wallet and save up for a different purse, IMO :smile:
  3. i think i am leaning towards that decision. thank you for your help and insight on the mono looping :smile:
  4. get the wallet
  5. wallet
  6. I too vote for the wallet. I love my Damier wallet, purse, cosmetic bag combo!
  7. another vote for the porte tresor wallet =)
  8. I have the Looping MM bag and use it as my casual / weekend type bag. So I say, get the bag!! Wallets can come later!!
  9. get the wallet!
  10. Get the wallet. I hear the strap on the looping is very uncomfortable.
  11. I agree!
  12. Wallet
  13. Wallet. Since you already have an LV bag, it's nice to match it up with a wallet.
  14. Another vote for the wallet
  15. Wallet