Someone please help me justify...

  1. a Dark silver reissue in 226!!! :tup:

    I will have a dark gold reissue 225 in a few days, but aside from that my only other Chanel is a black cambon tote with white CC.

    How versatile is this color really? Will I be able to use it much? (I'm a college student, so I don't dress up a whole lot)
  2. Its such a great color!!! one way to justify will be the whole "you will sue it forever" speech.. nevermind where you are right now (college or working, etc) you WILL go out and you will NEED a great statement making bag. ALL heads will turn and the best thing is, it WILL stay that HOT forever!=) hahaha I hope it works.
  3. You'll be fine with the colour. It will match everything you wear any time of day or night. Do post up modelling pics when you get it.
  4. ^ I will definitely if I get the bag. But I've bought too many lately.

    In the last 3 months, I bought a Chloe Silverado, Balenciaga Magenta city, and a Chanel dark gold reissue. It seems a tad excessive for an eighteen year old...:wtf:
  5. Well, your a very lucky girl. Why not spoil yourself for once.
    Start early you'll always treasure these items for years.
  6. I think the dark silver will come in any color evychew! It's such a beautiful color! :biggrin:
  7. Thankfully my bag addiction didn't start much earlier than this year, otherwise I would already be broke for sure!!! :p

    Thank you allbrandspls! I am very lucky -- I have parents who are supporting me through school, so I don't have any expenses to deal with right now. of course, it will be a whole other story in three years. :nuts: I guess, the thought of this maybe being the last season they produce the dark silver is what is really driving me crazy!!!

    Is this the last time Chanel is producing the dark silver reissue? Is dark silver too similar to dark gold to own both?
  8. ^ Mon aka Smoothoprter had both at one time, you can find a comparison pic of her dark gold vs dark silver. She ended up returning the dark silver because it was too similar in her opinion.

    Wow, you are very lucky to be able to buy all those bags whilst being 18. I had my parents supporting me too in addition to my scholarships but I never bought anything expensive over $100 back then. Oh how times have changed, I'm 23 now and my standards are higher than ever... :sad:
  9. Hey whats to say you cant rock it with jeans and a T shirt I think it would look so cute in my op at least look at it I know they are very limited xxS
  10. I think the dark silver would be very versatile. I say buy the bag now, think about the versatility later! Besides, you can always return it if you think it just doesn't suit you.