Someone Please Help Her!

  1. Someone beat her w/the ugly stick, cuz she's hurt!
    jessicasimps66onjackass4lx9.jpg jessicasimpso66njackass3nd6.jpg
  2. Im not sure when this was taken...but she was on the Today show this morning and was rather sick...I think she has been under the weather. WE all get like that sometimes!
  3. I don't think she would be walking around with that outfit if she was sick. :sad: She looks wasted:drinks:
  4. I first thought she was wasted, too. I heard she had a bruised vocal cord if that has anything to do with it. I do love her hair, though. Hope she gets better!
  5. Yay! she is totally wasted...
  6. visine anyone? yikes! thank god ppl arent taking pics of me all day and
  7. ^^^ ha ha yeah i know what you mean
  8. Im all for a good night out!!!! My husband took pics of a night we had recently...ughhhhh Im so glad Im not famous!! lol As my mother always used to say....nothing good happens after midnight...I bet Jessica looked smokin when she left the house!!!
  9. :wtf: She looks like a tranny in the 2nd pic! :wtf:
  10. awwww..poor jess.

    i think there's the invention, what is it called? oh, i got it VISINE.
  11. That's what Hollywood does to some...
  12. ^^^ exactly, it seems to do that to so many
  13. come on girls....she had a rough night out...havent we all?????????????????
  14. I watched her last night at the VMAs and I thought she looked stunning there--I don't know what is happening to her here.
  15. She used to look like a sweetheart back in the days of when Newlyweds was on. She looked so cute when she didn't have the makeup on. I don't know why, but she's been looking more like a man these days and the puffy fish lips didn't help either.