someone please buy this ...

  1. wow! it's really nice! :love:
  2. Oh my god!!!!!! i'm speechless, this bag is totally TO DIE FOR!! i love it, i love it, i love it!!! -.-
  3. oh God.. i fainted just reading the price tag S20.000???
  4. The bag is amazing but I feel a little ill after looking at that model's legs.
  5. Wow that is a stunner! :shocked:
    Now where is LV_Addict? hmmmm
  6. some people said that it's fake... this style is going to be released but not yet..
  7. ^That does not surprise me!!!
  8. I was thinking fake because there's not one interior photo.
  9. It's gorgeous! :love:
  10. That is the bag I've been DYING for!!!! It was featured in Haper's Bazaar last year. Price tag is 20K per the magizine.
  11. i dont have the money, the price is the same as me and my bro's high school tution for the year 2006-2007
  12. The bag's kinda cool but the price is scary:shocked: .
  13. I agree with slayer- its kinda cool, but pretty expensive.
  14. I don't really like it :S I'm not into all the patchwork-esque stuff they've got going on. I hope, for the person buying it, it's not fake.
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