Someone please buy these CL Croc pumps

  1. That is actually ostrich leg.
    I wanted to get them when they were $995 last season, I can't believe the price sky rocketed like that.
  2. It's because the Dollar is so weak against the Euro. Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure plenty of European women have them:shame:.
  3. They are stunning!
  4. Wow- wish I could afford them!
  5. OMG - they're amazing !
  6. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Those are gorgeous, and I have a serious weakness for croc pumps. But, they are also ridiculously expensive! Prada has some beautiful ones for $1100 this season in purple I'm lusting after these days, which in comparison, seems reasonable!
  8. They are nice, but I don't know if they are $1600 nice...
  9. i cant believe they listed them as croc!!!
    they are beautiful and having seen the ostrich leg in person i recommend anyone who can afford them to get them.
    absolutely timeless and usually should never go on sale!

  10. I agree...
  11. Gorgeous!!!!!:yes: