Someone on eBay stole pics of the lilac city...

  1. she is not only a thief but also colorblind. she says the bag is yellow.
  2. my favorite part is that its listed a a yellow!
  3. There are other photos that were stolen. Some look like they came from here too :cry: (the ink photo looks familiar)
  4. yep. this is everyone MUST watermark clearly... unfortunetly.
  5. They don't even care if you watermark. Do a search of "balenciaga" and you'll see auction after auction with stolen pics from auctions that are still running a few slots up the page!!
  6. honestly though...if you buy from this idiot....dont you deserve to get done in.??

    I spent two months researching what toaster to buy, let alone a thousand plus dollar handbag..

    having said that..its unfair that they are stealing our pictures, but anyone with even half the IQ of a pickle can figure out this is a scam.

  7. I'm going to make a stamp with "Contact me at [insert email address here]. If I do not respond these pictures have been stolen". Not that I have any really expensive bags, but just a thought.

    And yes, that person is obviously remedial.
  8. thats a brilliant idea- if you dont mind the possibility of getting tons of spam... but thats the right direction!
  9. oh dear... not again!! the nerve of some ppl!
  10. Or how about, for this particular case ..."If the seller of this "bag" is not named ning2405 , these pics have been stolen by an idiot!"
  11. can't believe the person steals pics with watermarks on it. how ridiculous ebay is.
  12. Yeah, true I guess.
  13. The people doing this are so pathetic :censor:
  14. These sellers suck!!!! :rant: :yucky:

    I mentioned an idea in another thread to watermark pictures posted to the PF with "If this picture is on ebay it has been stolen! This is not the bag you will receive!"

    We all have the original pics of our own bags so if you actually do put them for sale on ebay, you could use the original picture and re-watermark the pictures.

    Sounds crazy but ebay sure isn't doing anything about stopping these :censor: sellers!!!