someone needs to stop me

  1. I just bought another scarf. in my defense it is beautiful and i had never seen the colorway. i got the madame and monsieur in the red and brown colorway. also in all fairness i believe i will give my mom the one i got in the brown and gold. but seriously, i need to stop. someone help me.
  2. Sounds like you need to make and appointment with me! I can help you out!!!

    ARE YOU READY???????

    :lecture: :noggin: :lecture: :noggin: :lecture: :noggin:
  3. lol. I AM!!!
  4. whatever you do, don't ask for help from shopmom. she'll just give you more reasons you need things.

    (love ya, d!)
  5. You got a muffin at home??? If so, you had better watch out for her as well!!! LOL...let's see pics!
  6. I think I've done some major enabling here, hlfinn. I told you about this colorway in an earlier thread. I've got the Monsieur & Madame scarf with the white background with black, pink, etc. and it really IS irresistable. So, we'll let this one lapse go. Now get right back on the wagon.
  7. it was you!!! it popped on my screen and it's just as pretty as you said. oy. i can't get the pics to come up again either to show you.

    you know with all these scarvesi could own like a vintage kelly now. which is really depressing.

    oh i don't have a muffin but i have a muffin top. is that the same thing? can i say by big belly brushed against my keyboard and accidentally bought me things?
  8. You bought another one! Do tell, I want the whole story!

    I'm buying another one too, hihihihihihihihihi
  9. You're collecting scarves to decorate the beautiful vintage kelly you'll find one day...oh boy, I'm no help am I?

    Look and the bright side, you didn't buy two birkins in the last 3 months...feeling better already?
  10. um hello. see my post in that thread and pm me with details.

    this is the madame and monsieur in red with brown trim.
  11. lol! yes and no olive! lol
  12. Congratulations hlfinn! It sounds gorgeous...can't wait to see some pics!
  13. How many scarved DO you have, hlfinn? Let's see a family photo! maybe if you pull them all out and see how many you really have, you'l feel less inclined to buy more. But, congrats on your new one. I'm sure it's gorgeous.;)
  14. i think right now i have um 9.

    i have one coming already this week that i bought last week. one is a pointu. one i might give my stepmom for christmas. eep. :::sobbing:::
  15. Who do you think was the first person I hit on the noggin here??? You guessed it...shopmom; and she hasn't slowed down since!!!:nuts: