someone needs to come to my house and stop me!!!!!!!!!

  1. I have a 1 1/2 glasses of wine in me, good music playing, fiancee hunting and son at Grandma's and I can't stop myself from buying!

    I have now bought

    -monogram MOCA agenda
    -MOCA rond

    and these two items on top of my 2 limelights and mirage bandeau. and I am NOT done yet!

    I think that I am going to be in BIG trouble when Tate gets home :shame:
  2. oh by the way...right now i'm trying to find a MOCA neverfull.

    I have issues.................
  3. wow, nice going!
  4. wow girl slow down you don't want to go on a time out again!

  5. ahh if you could hear me laughing! I think I will be put in a HUGE time-out but Tate doesn't come home until tomorrow night :shame:

    But cmon..MOCA ITEMS! I just scored the agenda for $697 and the coin purse for $415...I think that is a good deal for what they are going for...and they are going to be GONE someday!

    that is me just trying to make myself feel better but still..they will be in my hands!!!!!
  6. We're all addicted to LV, there's no stopping it for us.
  7. uh-oh .... someone's definitely having some fun ... don't worry ... you're worth it!;)
  8. lol...and it's worth getting yelled at for an hour becaue in the end...I still get to keep my items :wlae:
  9. awsome. show us some pic!
  10.'s all clicking for now..I have to wait until it's all in my hands. I can't wait!:yahoo:
  11. haha don't worry! They are truly gorgeous items lol, i cant stop myself either!
  12. Ok ~Ethan's Mommy~ Got your agenda and now the Rond!! What you have done---find the seller that sells all 3 (agenda/Rond and Neverfull) girlie...
    You're now OFFICIALLY~~~~~~~:banned:~~~~~ because you're naughty like me:shame:
    P.S...Secret~~I got me a Neverfull and a Rond today at MOCA (didn't plan to but I did:yahoo:)
  13. You only get to live once. Might as well enjoy yourself while you're here!
  14. ok the enjoyment is DONE! I am tipsy, full of good food..happy with my purchases and TIRED! After an episode of SATC I am TIIIIRED!

    Till tomorrow ladies and gents..I bid you farewell! :flowers:
  15. lucky...I really want the ronde or neverfull. Enjoy them.