Someone must REALLY LOVE their hats!!!

  1. WOW.. that's just silly.

    For that price, you could get a much nicer bag, possibly even something beginning with an H and ending in a "ermes" !!!
  2. the ID of the user is private
    it could be victoria beckham :biggrin:
  3. My mom loves hatboxes, but she doesn't put hats in them. Instead, she uses them to store belts, scarves, and shopping receipts :lol: It probably sold for so much because it's rare. I've seen a few authentic graffiti pieces on eBay going for a lot of money. Still, I wouldn't pay that much for it :blink:
  4. I totally agree! But then again - maybe they already own a few?
  5. Probably ! Oh to be so fabulously rich ! :lol:
  6. hahahaha whatever man
  7. hahah.. that's so awesome. i don't know what to do if i had a hatbox.
  8. that's crazy!
  9. Gotta love people with money! LOL
  10. When I saw the auction, I thought of this picture right away!!!
  11. I think that this just attests to the collectibility of LV. I don't think that the winner is someone who loves their hats (well maybe), but more likely a LV graffiti collector. I for one have never seen this piece before.
  12. Oh, I am with you on that one!!! I was just jocking while thinking of MY hat boxes and how much all of my hats would LOVE to be in that Graffiti one!!! I absolutely agree with you on the fact that Vuitton has some highly collectible pieces and this is one of them (esp. since the artist is no loger with us:sad2: ).
  13. Man.. that thing is HUGE.. it does not look that huge from the pic.