Someone looking for the MbyMJ Totally Turnlock bowler in black?

  1. Hi all!

    I remember someone writing that they were looking for a Totally Turnlock Bowler in black recently. I was in Bergdorf Goodman (5th floor, accessories) this afternoon in NYC and they had one on display. I also saw them in a blue color at Bloomingdales.

    Good luck!
  2. And I also saw one as well at Macy*s Union Square in SF.

    haha, where were these when you were looking for one huh Missypoo? :cursing:
  3. Missy finally got one from Zappo's. I think they still have some in black, but none in brown, last I looked. I'll bet the blue is nice.
  4. I believe these are the brand new batch/colors for Resort 2006. =)
  5. LOL!! Yes that was me SuLi looking for the Turnlock Bowler in black, but my fellow PF'ers looked out for me and found one for me online. Thanks and I hope to see a pic of yours soon. I posted mine and I love it!!
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