Someone logged into my paypal account

  1. I know that this has already been discussed on here before but I chose to ignore before and I am sure that many people here may do so too thinking that this will never happen to them.

    My paypal was logged into without my knowledge and up to £1000 was paid into it by someone paying for a computer. Now I have never sold a computer to anybody before so I didn't understand why they would pay me £1000. It then turns out that some fraudsters had tried to sell a computer some this person and then they used my paypal account as their own.

    (BTW paypal did not send me an email telling me this)

    Today I just logged into my account and so this money and of course phoned paypal and they told me a bank account was added to my paypal account on the 25th and was then closed on the 26th (i.e. yesterday). The aim of these fraudlent ****s was to transfer this money into this temporary bank account and of course disappear without sending the poor guy his computer. And of course I would be blamed for it.

    So my advise is don't ignore this post like I did on previous occations. You must change your passwords regularly and use a good spyware on your computer. That is what I am doing now.
  2. You should order Paypal's Key Fob where you have to type in a number that changes every thirty seconds in addition to your password. Its a excellent security measure and its free.
  3. Sorry to hear what has happened to you! :flowers: I hope everything will turn out ok for you!

    I totally agree about the changes of passwords :yes:

    ALSO: Make sure to use different passwords for all your different accounts
    (eBay, Paypal, eMail, etc)!

    I know it's just so conveniant to have one for all, but it's much more secure to have more. Just imagine how easy it is nowadays to fall for a eBay spoof :push:
  4. Wow, that's scary. I had my yahoo account hacked last year, and it took about a week to get it back. I looked through my old e-mails stored in there and saw my Turbo Tax log-in information. I was so afraid this person got my social security and birthday. You just feel so violated!
  5. Our computer security information in work regarding passwords has always been more than 8 characters and to include upper case, lower case, numbers and characters also never use dictionary words.
  6. Paypal need to activate something like password expiry every 25 days or something - this would help. Sorry it happened to you.

    Must go investigate that security fob thingy

  7. hey what is this!?!?! i would love to know how i can get this or what it is to keep myself safer! :smile: thanks!
  8. ohho i found it what a great idea!!! :smile: i just ordered one, it isnt free tho its $5,, only free if you have a business acct
  9. how did you do it? I want one
  10. So sorry this happend to you Stacie, really scary!

    Unfortunately the security key is not available in the Uk at the minute!

  11. sorry court i had fallen asleep !:smile: you can go to the link someone posted or in your acct go to profile and then on the left column of things to pick one says security key or add security key and then it will bring up a page with a box saying you dont have one, and then it has a button to click that says add or get a security key!!!! :smile:

    Im excited for it it seems like the best idea!