Someone is watching my friend

  1. My friend is a adult woman who lives alone in a villa attached to another villa on a dead end street. About 100 villas on the street.
    Well for the 3rd time she has found cigarette butts on the grass outside her bedroom window. This is freaking her out to think someone may be watching her at night. She sleeps with the TV on so there is always some light in her room. It is a ground floor villa. She has shutters and curtains and feels there is no way a person can look in, but I think unless you overlap the curtains it might be possible. She has a few floodlights on her villa and once had the front ones unscrewed so they did not go on. There is a creepy guy who moved in across the street that she has seen out on his driveway at 12:--=1:00 AM when she went out to take her garbage to the curb. She always felt he was strange....... So she doesn't know what to do. She has a locked gate *fence in the front) so nobody can get to her front door or the back yard (fenced in yard). But the thought that someone is standing at her window is freaking her out. Has anyone had this happen and what did you do? She is getting new flood lights put up higher on her villa so nobody can get to them. I told her to be extra careful going in and out of her house. She is going thru alot in her life and this is really adding stress because she now has to think "who is doing this". She also had some crank calls but did not think anything of them.
  2. How creepy! Definitely get the lights moved. Has she considered getting a camera instored outside? And possibly even the get police involved! How about a dog???
  3. Does she have an online persona or is this a random stalker? Honestly, I would get some motion detecting lights, an alarm put in, some webcams, and think about a PI or stay somewhere else for a while. He could just be putting butts out on her property, or he could be creepy. Anyways, at least with the webcam, she could go to the police about it.
  4. Eeeew, that is SO creepy. Could she put some spiky plants in heavy pots (so they can't be easily moved) and put them beneath her window to stop people getting too close. Honestly, it must be the most awful feeling :wtf:
  5. Id call the police and have them watch the area at night..Sounds like a sicko peeping tom...ick!
  6. I suggest as above, motion detecting lights, fake or real camera (just the look of one scares ppl off), the heavy plant barricades thing, maybe a dog if possible, get metal bars on windows if possible, new thick curtains/shutters so he cant see in, is it possible that she can move into a different room in her villa to sleep one which has no windows. maybe pus to sand as 'decoration' around the window and the next morning you can see if there are footprints. Make sure its spread really thinly, so ehr cant just scoop up another bundle and sprinkle it on top once more, Tell her neighbors about it, maybe one walks past her villa coming home late at night (to get to their house) and is a smoker, it could be coincidence that he/she throws their buds and they land in that area. Keep a few weapons hidden in odd places around the house, i.e. knives, pepper spay etc. as well as always have her cell phone charged and on/near her. thats all i can think of for now.

    I don't mean to scare you but tell her to do anything she can possibly think of for her safety. I was just watching a real life crime story show, and it was about this couple which would rape, torture and kill their victims. no one is safe these days seriously!!!!
  7. Even the title of this thread scared me before I opened it. I agree with the above, notify police, screw in those lights, alarm, and a camera right where the a$$hole can see it.
  8. Could it be possible a neighbor is smoking on their side and flicking the butts into her yard?
  9. She should get a home security system if she doesn't have one already installed in her house..also a watch dog would be good.
  10. Ah this must be so scary. The pointed cactus is a great idea, and I would definately have some camera equipment trained around the home (I think you can hire them for shorter term use if she doesnt want to pay out for them), and atleast then she could find out what is really happening.
  11. does she like dogs? i can't have pets in my apartment, but i always think that if i'm single one day and living in a house by myself, i would have a big dog or two to alert me and the neighbors... and also bark the intruder away!

    so scary! i hate being a woman sometimes...
  12. I would def. call the police and request a couple of drive-bys.
  13. She had a incident with a guy calling her a few months ago and said he was watching her....he knew personal information about her (being sick 1-2 years ago)--she felt it was somehow related to her exhusband trying to scare her since he was one of only 3 people with her cell phone. The police got involved and talked to this guy and she felt everything was OK. She does not feel it is him. Her villa window is by her private driveway so nobody would have any reason to walk by her window. It it on her property and a small garden area is in the front. She trimmed back all her plants and cut a tree down. She got a few motion detector lights. One thing that bothers her is nobody in the neighborhood turns their lights on at night, so it is really dark. I do think the sand on the ground is a great idea, this way one can see if it was stepped in and spiky plants with thorns might also work. I will tell her this tonight. I am going to try to find her one of those fake cameras for her. Hubby had a camera put up last year and I feel so much better---our cars were vandalized twice but since the camera no problem.....
    I just feel that this type of thing happens more than people know and everyone really needs to be aware of their surroundings these days. Someone was looking in her friends daughter window about 8 months ago----so maybe it is a person who lives on her street.
    Thanks so much for the great advice. It has helped.
  14. eeee I have had that happen to me. She needs to call the police. That's way to scary to ignore.
  15. That is scary, she needs to be careful. The first thing she needs to do is make sure no one can see into her bedroom at night. I think she should also tell the authorities or perhaps ask the neighbours if they have seen anything? I would also get her house secured and even get a webcam or something and place it in the window so she can watch, to see if anyone is at it or not.