Someone is actually paying for THIS?!

  1. Holy! That is so ugly!!
  2. :blink: I'm just...speechless. :shocked:
  3. hehe, I feel no pity for the purchaser...TOTAL ignorance!
  4. 40 dollars for shipping??? wondering the bag itself is worth of 40 ?
  5. I officially hate eBay. How come we can never get our beautiful, authentic purses to sell, but these horrible things always sell?

    This purse is making me sick :sick:
  6. if there's ever a time when we need a :vomit: smiley.....

    That thing is just hideous!!! :sick: :sick: :sick:
  7. OMG OMG OMG OMG I"VE BEEN LOOKIN FOR this bag since their exclusive release...THANKS FOR FINDING IT FOR ME....Im going to be the Hottest chick in the city...sporting this bag...:lol: :roflmfao: ;) :P
  8. I can't believe someone will actually pay $500 for that ugly fake.:yucky:
  9. oh dear!
  10. How can anyone actually think that thing is real??
  11. OMG a $500 bid....bidder could get a real speedy instead (doh!)
  12. Haha I just wrote the seller and told her what a nasty fake that bag is. Oh lord I must be bored.
  13. The person who bid on this bag also paid $96 for a fake cherry blossom wallet.
  14. omg! eBay is making me sick =X
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