Someone in San Antonio, TX withdrew $1,000 from my bank account

  1. I opened it on the 13th, someone withdrew $1,000 along a highway in San Antonio on the 15th... I have no idea how this could have happened.
  2. Call your bank and report the fraud!! ASAP!!!
  3. I'm on the phone with them now. I've spoken to someone about 1 minute and have been on hold for over 10. I have Citibank, this is ridiculous.
  4. most likely your info was sold to them. they probably wont find who did it, but contact your bank IMMEDIATLY!
  5. I don't understand. You can't withdraw $1K from an ATM, can you? Must have been in a bank.
  6. And the police? This ID theft and other stuff is so scary! Good luck.
  7. Eh. I guess my winter clothes for Chicago are gonna have to wait. ;) Too bad it's already getting cold. Hope this works out.
  8. I used to bank with Citibank in NY and was able to w/d $1k a day.So sorry this happened to you-good luck
  9. They will get that money back to you. They just have to verify that it was not you that withdrew the money. Normally it does not take very long. There is a lot of check fraud going on right now. People are getting really good at duplicating checks, right down the watermarks and everything. It is a extremely costly scam for individuals and banks. I am sorry to hear that happened to you. I am sure it will get worked out. Citibank is a very large bank and they have fraud prevention and detection departments that will figure it out!
  10. OMG, how scary! Keep us posted on what happens...
  11. Thanks, everyone! I trust Citibank to figure it out... I don't doubt I'll get the money credited back. Keep an eye on your online statements, ladies! I feel like I'm pretty careful with all this stuff, but sometimes it's really just out of your control!
  12. And sorry to whine to you all... I'm done, though! lol
  13. I hope everything works scary!! Keep us posted.
  14. wow this is so werid. my friend actually got frauded yesterday by some people in Africa. long story but basicly they transferred 1,000 into her acct, that wasnt even theirs, and then the next day her acct got negative 800 thousand something!!!!!
  15. whoa, that is scary! i'm sorry that happened to you...

    it makes me think twice about identity theft... usually i'm pretty careful, but no matter how careful, it can still happen. thieves are getting good at these scams! i hope everything works out ok, and you get your money back!