Someone!! Help!!! Pllleeeeassee!!!!

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  1. Okay, so today I am carrying my signature coach hobo, and it was laying right there while I was eating.........and I dropped BBQ sauce on it!!!!:Push: :crybaby: Not just a little, but a pretty good sized amount.:sad: Right afterwards, I ran and got a wet paper towel and tried to wipe it off the best way I could. Now I know that signature is treated to repel stains, but there is like black/darker colored areas on the brown signature. What do I do to get rid of it?? Is there any hope??:crybaby:
  2. Im not sure of any ways to help you, but take it straight to the coach store asap!! im sure they could recommend something!
  3. ^^I would, but the nearest one is like 40 minutes away from me, and I couldn't get there until Saturday or Monday.:sad:
  4. I'm not a Coach expert at all but if it is just on the fabric, could you use the Tide-to-go pen? I know it works very well on food-based stains on clothing, so maybe it would work on your bag. Good luck!
  5. Would a mr.clean magic eraser work do you think?? If not, then I am going out to get a tide to go pen. Neither of them wouldn't make it worse would it?
  6. The first thing I'd try is Coach's Signature Fabric Cleaner but you probably do not have it and so you'd have to go to Coach to get it. Otherwise, I'd try a Shout Wipe or the Tide to Go pen. Good luck!!
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone!!! I am going to try your suggestions, and hopefully it will work out!!
  8. I've never used the mr. clean product so I can't help you with that one. But if you decide to try to Tide pen, try it on a small area first. I don't think it will make it worse but sometimes it leave kind of a shadow on lighter fabric.
  9. i'd be careful with the tide pens- i've had a few friends use them and it did funky things with their bags.
    try a baby wipe.
  10. I got several very large blotches of blackberry juice on my khaki signature swingpack this past summer (yes, I'm an idiot and, no, I will never again wear my swingpack while picking blackberries).

    Anyhoooo....when I got home about 20 minutes later, I blotted them as much as I could with a wet towel, and then rubbed them with a baby wipe. That took care of most of the stains. I used my Tide-to-go pen on the few little stubborn spots that were left and they completely disappeared. I was AMAZED (and relieved). The signature fabric seems pretty impervious to stains - if it could resist blackberry juice, then hopefully it'll be okay against BBQ sauce. Good luck!
  11. I think you can use the coach cleaner for that.
  12. I got hand cream all over the inside of my bag and just used wash and hand soap to get rid of it.
  13. Dove soap and water try that!! It took sticky ice cream off of my coach bag!
  14. Great news!! Okay, so right after that horrific accident, I rubbed it with a wet paper towel. I decided last night that tomorrow morning(this morning) I would try the tide to go pen. So this morning, I woke up and it was gone!!! They are some very very little blotches that are still there, but for the most part, the stain is gone!! I guess that treated signature fabric really does hold up...
    Thanks for all of your advice, I really appreciate it, and I will be sure to use everyone's suggestions for reference if anything like that happens again on my bags(but I am going to be much more careful.)