Someone help please~~~

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  1. can anyone please tell me what is this bag called?? thx sooo sooo sooo sooo much![​IMG]
  2. Try in the LV thread - someone might know there!
  3. moving to Louis Vuitton. . .
  4. Gorgeous patina on the bag... love it! Sorry I can't help tell you what it its
  5. this was discussed in the celebs & LV's thread thoughts were it was either vintage or fake I'm not sure what the outcome was.
  6. i know =( it looks good, but i donno the name >.< never heard of it or seen one...damn...even if its limited...i would like to know the name =(
  7. /sigh ...i won be supprised if tis fake LOL..but i truely hope its auth haha and hopefully ill get one too =(
  8. I believe that bag is fake...

    For future reference, there is a stickied thread titled "Identify this LV!!!" in the LV Reference Section where questions like these can be asked. Thanks! ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.