Someone, help my fingers!

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  1. Okay, a few weeks ago I got some fake nails put on since I was going to get married and I wanted my fingernails to look "nice" for the pictures. I wore them for over two weeks, and two days ago I had them removed.

    Of course, they were all jacked up from having been filed to death before the acrylics were put on, so when they were removed, to smooth them out, the technician filed them again! He also clipped them, because even though my nails had grown out while I had on the fakes, I still have about five more weeks until all the weak, thin nail is gone and the stronger nail comes in.

    So I've been trimming them down very low, since when they're paper thin from having been filed they bend too easily and are very fragile. But the ends of my fingers are exposed like they haven't been in YEARS, since I had considerable growth before getting the acrylics put on. My fingertips don't hurt, really, but they're very sensitive, and even typing this is uncomfortable, but it's going to be well over a month before my nails are healthy enough to extend past my fingertips.

    Has anyone ever been in this situation before? What did you do? What can I do? Any suggestions, please, are welcome, because I can't think of anything.

    Should this be in the "beauty" section?
  2. The same thing happened to me. The only thing I could do (it was so frustrating) was rub vitamin E oil on them every night before bed...not just on the cuticles but the nails themselves. Then I just kept them trimmed as they grew until (eventually) my nail layers grew out...which took at least a couple of months I know. It's horrible! I'll never get fake nails again.
  3. TY for this advice; I'm going to try it!
  4. You can also use Nailtiques Formula 2 to strengthen your nails. That helps with the bending a lot. And I think the tips of your fingers will be better in a few more days. It just takes some time for them to adjust to being exposed again.
  5. ^^TY! I'll look for Nailtiques or something very similar when I go out for vitamin E, and brush on a few coats.
  6. What about some clear nail polish? I've never had acrylics, so I don't know if this would help much with the fingertip sensitivity... but it would make your nails stronger.
    Hope you feel better soon... nails are something we take for granted but don't realize how much they do!
  7. I have worn acrylics most of my life. I always hate when I take a break because your nails are so thin and it hurts. The pain in your fingertips should be gone within the week. Mine would hurt to wash my hair do anything. Just keep clipping your nails every week and it will take about 2 1/2 months before the whole nail will be grown out. Keep nail strengthener on them and be careful because the nail is very fragile since it is so thin. I have snagged mine and ripped off a good piece of the nail .