Someone Help Me

  1. I Held Down The Shift Key For Too Long And Now I Have Permanent Capslock I Cant Scroll With My Mouse And I Cant Use The Numbers On My Keyboard look!@#$%^&*() How Can I Fix This?
  2. Hahahah I've done that before, I think you fix it by holding it down again for a while...I think...

    *Edit I can't remember how to fix that, but here is a link I found, not sure if it will help or not:
  3. Nope It Didnt Work>>>>>>
  4. Yay... I fixed it!! All I did was hold the left shift key down for awhile and voila it was back to normal!!!!
  5. OMG, that is SO funny!! I did that at work once and had a freaking panic attack!! Gald to know that you got it fixed!
  6. Thanks Neeya I just figured it out!!!
  7. I was freaking out cause I couldn't post in the count to 1,000,000 thread. I am off to post numbers!!LOL....
  8. haha, sorry I was too late, but your question was hilarious... I woulda died if it was me, but I can only imagine your response... lol
  9. It was very frustrating!!!:push:
  10. Good to know for future reference! I'm glad you figured it out! :p
  11. LOL! I'm sorry for that!
  12. LOL:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. LOL!!! ROFL!!! :roflmfao:

    you're so funny!

    I'm glad you uncaps-ed your keyboard =) !!!