Someone help me please!! *long rant*

  1. Me and my sister shares a car since we go to uni together but about a year ago, we started going out with our bfs and she left and stayed with her bf. It has been a problem lately for us to share the car. We;d have a schedule to follow but she doesn't keep to it and its driviing me crazy. Her bf would use the car too even though he has got his own car.

    When there is anything wrong with the car, i'm always suppose to send the car and pay for the service. I've no idea what i'd do since she treats me like a door mat. She'd call me and msg me everyday about the car and i'm up to my neck now. I just cannot stand the thought of seeing her now. I'm THAT stressed. She'd ask me to come home and pick her up and be her driver to go and do groceries when its my turn to use the car.

    And i've been really frustrated and feels really fed up so i've asked my dad to get me another car if its possible, maybe a cheap car or sth. We currently share a 60,000 AUD car. And he's said that he'd give me 5K if i want to. Now, my bf is pissed at me because i've been crying over what my sister always do to me,

    I have no idea what she's thinking. It's like she wants to prove that she can beat or win me by leaving me out from our group of frens. She'd ask me out together previously but it seems like she enjoys hanging out with her bf frens whom she doesnt talk to at all, since we've all hung out before. My mom actually said that my sister is desperately keeping the car because she wants to show off the car and the bf is obviously banking on to that because i've seen him drive it even without my sister.

    I feel so hurt and the last straw when there was one incident that left me so sad. She stays down the street behind my place and there was once when i knew she wanted to use the car so i purposely left the car at home and went to uni with my bf. I told her the car is at home so y dont u walk and if not, u can wait for me to come home. She did not tell me what time she wanted the car and she knew i'd be in uni that day. And so she walked over. There was one day when i wanted to use the car, and she's at home, she asked me to walk to her place. I felt so crushed and i asked her y, her reply was, u made me walk.

    I'm always crying over this when i talk or think about it. She;s my twin sister and i don know what is wrong and if its the bf who's behind this, He's quite famous about being calculative and is not well liked. My sister has always been the rebellious one and my dad lectured her about it but she doesnt wanna listen and thinks she is right. I'd told her she can have the car and she's telling me that she don't want it anymore and she's not sincere because i've heard of it countless time.

    Help me to lead a happy life without this affecting. I'm lucky on the other hand, i have a bunch of good gal pals and a good bf who has been very understanding except for a minor out burst of anger just now. He absolutely despise my sister for what she has done. We used to hang out with this bunch of girls but now the girls have all shunned her because they had seen what she is doing now. Help me to help her!!

    Sorry bout the rant!!
  2. awww, my sister and I shared a car for a bit before she got her own, but I know what you mean! My sister would get so defensive.

    Where's the sisterly love!? :flowers:
  3. Sharing a car always seems to cause trouble and disagreements. This is making you so unhappy and is causing a rift between you and your sister and arguing about a car is not worth that (although there seems to be other issues between you as well...)

    Wouldn't it be possible to sell the 60K car and get two cheaper ones? (I don't even think it's fair that you should have to get a 5K car while your sister keeps such an expensive vehicle)
  4. gosh that sounds horrible of your sister! you should definitely have some sort of a family meeting. i don't understand why her bf is driving the car.... it's not even his! plus your parents shouldn't allow him either way (for insurance purposes). i have two sisters and we have to share EVERYTHING. i agree with maggie7 that you should sell the car and buy maybe 2 cheapers cars? if not, your parents shouldn't even give her the keys to the car. getting a FREE car to share with your sister is supposed to be a privilege. i know you said your parents tried talking to her but they should really put their foot down. if i did this with my sisters ... my parents would probably kill me! hopefully it all works out for you!
  5. I've talked to my parents and they don't agree on selling the car, they said that its not the way to solve problem as the communication barriers if you get what i mean is still there. I seriously don't care if i get the car or not. My sister is very adamant about selling it off. I'm currently looking for a car. Thanks to everyone who replied. Makes me feel better that there are people out there who understands. :love:
  6. i would just say forget it tell my parents she can have the car and buy my own.

    thats the problem with accepting "free" things like cars, they are never free they come with a bunch of strings and bullcrap attached.

    i would let her have it and show your parents that you are the mature one.
  7. If you are the one paying for the car to be serviced, then its YOUR car and she's just getting a free ride. I say take the keys from her and make it your car and tell her she can start driving it again once she starts paying for things to be fixed.
  8. I agree. I mean, it's nice that your parents want you two to work things out, but you are basically grown women, and obviously this situation is not working out for you, neither is it practical since she isn't even living at the same place as you. I'm sorry your parents won't just give in and realize the situation isn't worth the effort of working it through. Maybe you should get a job and save up a few thousand. My husband got his car in college for $3000 and it ran great the whole time. This situation sounds too frustrating, and if you get your own car with your own $$, no one can make you share it!
  9. Well, i'm doing exactly that now, buying my own car. My frens have asked me to just get the car back from her, but i don't think its that nice. I'm just looking out for cars now. The problem is i can't even face my sister anymore, i'm that annoyed at her. Lols. That's what i don't like. :sad:
  10. gosh honestly, i think it's really unfair that you have to buy a new car. but if that's what you feel you have to do then do it. you should still gather the courage to face your sister and tell it to her like it is. im always straight forward with my two sisters and sometimes they don't like it since im so blunt but it makes things alot easier for them to understand. despite the whole car issue, you still have to deal with your sister's behavior. hope it works out!
  11. HUGS..thats's really unfair of your sister. At least your parents are aware and willing to help you in the situation. Good luck.