Someone help me out

  1. I want to post my new purchases. I got a new digital camera and when I take the pictures and send them to my pc- via cable or the memory card I goto upload them on the purse forum and it says the pictures are too big for the size limit. I even tried cropping them, and still it does not work..
    Off the top of anyones head, what am I doing wrong..
    I have a new printer as well. I can scan,fax and print color phots from it. I also have the phone editor and all that....
    I am getting very frustrated.. lol
    Help me please..........................::cursing:
  2. You'll have to resize them - cropping them is not enough. I think around 900 is the max size for tPF.
  3. where do i goto resize them ?
    when i take the pic on the camera- or on the editor on the pc ?
    thanks mon
  4. There should be an option to resize your pictures in your photo editor on your PC.:yes:
  5. Did you save your pics as .jpg? Right click and rename the pic... ex: PIC1.jpg

    make sure you type the ext. .jpg

  6. Yes, cropping won't help, that changes the actual size of the photo, not the FILE size {kbs}.
    Easiest thing to me, to prevent resizing my files, is to adjust down the setting on your camera temporarily.
    Change the QUALITY setting to basic or normal and to around 840 pixels.
    We only allow 195 kbs.
  7. Try, works for me!
  8. I usually use paint programs..
    Just click start, go to accessories, and click on "paint"
    Then open your picture file..
    and then search for something like edit, then choose strecth..and try to put like 40% for height and width..

    good luck..
  9. Thanks All I Am Trying Now..i Actually Changed The Size On My Camera And Took A Few Flicks
  10. Also, you can use to link them into your post.

    Make sure to edit the pictures and add your screen name to them (watermark).
  11. ^yup, photobucket automatically resizes your pictures. Just upload each one on photobucket and they give you the link to post on tPF. Post the one that says [ img ]