Someone help me identify this stam?

  1. I just got my stam, and I'm having trouble identifying the color of it.
    It says Ivory on the outside paper tag, so I thought it was a S/S 07 bag. But then when I looked into the serial tag inside, it says it's a Resort 06 bag, which I only see "white chiffon" in the library. Does anyone know if there's an Ivory produced in R06 or it's a white chiffon that I got? Thx:smile::smile::smile:
  2. A picture would probably help!;)
  3. Here's a list that thithi posted on the list of colors for the Stam by far so yours should be a White Chiffon! :flowers:

    Fall 05(All available in Nappa and Icy leather): Black, Pearl, Bordeaux, Violet, Petrol, Taupe, Gold
    Resort 05: Black, White
    Spring 06: Black, Ivory, Putty, Blush (patent), Chalk (patent), Cola (patent)
    Fall 06: Black, Ivory, Bronze(mouflon), Camel, Cashew, Mouse, Chestnut, Whiskey
    Resort 06: Black, White Chiffon, Topaz, Almond, Saddle Brown
    Spring 07: Black, Ivory, Brown, Green, Blue, Natural, Light Gray(patent, NAP exclusive)
    Fall 07: Black, Ivory, Cognac, Grey, Berry, Teal
    Resort 07: Ivory, Truffle, Black, Stone, Milk, Yellow, Olive
  4. Has anyone ever seen an Olive Stam?
    I'd luv to see a pic of it.
  5. if the serial tag indicates that it's white chiffon, i wonder why the tag says it's ivory. :confused1:
  6. that's what i'm wondering too:confused1:
  7. Where did you get it? Can you post pics?
  8. ^I got it from, lighting isn't so great rite now so i'll try take pics tomorrow.;)
  9. I know that my White Chiffon Stam had a tag that Identified it as White Chiffon, not ivory. That is odd.
  10. ^rorosity, is ur leather a soft calf or a heavy thick leather? cuz mine is very thick...
  11. I think it is more of a heavier, pebbly leather. Definitely not super soft. I haven't even worn it yet. I am waiting until Spring to break it out!
  12. Both of your bags are TDF. Love them. The ivory colored one reminded me of a yummy meringue, perfect what ever the actual color is.
  13. That looks just like my White Chiffon Stam. I think you have a White Chiffon with an Ivory tag. Especially since the serial tag says R06, I think it must be WC. I love that color. Resort 06 was a good season for Stams.

    I have to say, though, that is one $#@!*&% up tag!!!
  14. ^^DivasDare: Thx, I was torned if I should keep both stams, but now I really couldn't let go of any of them.

    ^rorosity: So I guess white chiffon it is. I love the white chiffon too, it's definitely a great spring bag, can't wait to take it outside:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: