Someone help me!! I need advice!!

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  1. #1 Aug 23, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2008
    This may some confusing because I just want to let it out...

    Okay well recently my boyfriend just got me the Damier Speedy 30 & Damier cles... Now I'm having second thoughts as to if further along the road that always holding the Speedy will bug me.. I really really love the Damier line...& was wondering should I just return the bag and get the store credit and put more money into getting a Galliera or Tivoli or something around Christmas time? Or should I just adjust to the handheld bag and hope for the Damier zippy and brown splash bandeau for Christmas?
    Ahhhhh I don't know.. any advice or suggestions would help..

    And part of the reason I have a slight feeling to want to return this is that I wanted this really really bad a long time ago..then I guess I started wanting other things (jeans, clothes, electronics) and got side-tracked with this bag... and then my "friend" (one of those girls who has to always rub it in and want things you want- competitive friends) wanted it... & she wanted it for her birthday but didn't get it.. & she might see me at school with it.. and make a big deal out of it and I'm not into all the drama.. -_-
  2. I think you'd be surprised how quickly you adjust to having a hand held can wear it in the crook of your arm and it looks so cute. I didn't think I'd like it at all, but I have to admit that my mono speedy 30 is my favorite bag and I find myself holding my trevi pm in the crook of my arm now!!! If you just don't like it, take it back and find something you love! But I have a'll adjust and love it!
  3. I like shoulder bags more than handheld bags, but I do have a Damier Speedy 25 and am actually using it now! There are just some days that I love carrying, so it is definitely a must have piece! But if you're not feeling it, definitely return it. Don't keep it if you don't plan on using it. Why not wait for the Damier Neverfull or Damier Tate?
  4. I think its still a sweet birthday gift from your boyfriend... So I say you keep it but I think its up to you.
    But I feel that Tivoli and Galliera will be sold out on christmas time still.
  5. I would keep it...after all, it was a gift... JMHO.
  6. It was a gift...keep it and enjoy it. I was like that at first and now I find myself holding most of my bags in my hands...and as for you friend who likes drama, just ignore her...and enjoy your gift as much as possible...!
  7. keep it , I think you will get used to holding it too...and there will always be other bags to look forward to in the future...but the Speedy is so classic that you will miss it if you don't have it. And your friend should be happy for you that you have it, not jealous!:yes:
  8. The speedy is a lifer. If you're not totally in love with it now, just wait a bit and you will be. I used my Cabas Mezzo the other night and found I actually missed holding a speedy. Another plus is with the brown handles you don't have to worry about patina. And try not to let your "friend" affect your decision. :heart:
  9. Okay thank you everyone so much.
    I just needed some reassurance? if that's even a word.
    I thought about how the Speedy wont be the ONLY LV bag I will ever have >:]
    So I might as well keep my first official one since it was a gift.
    and a long my LV journey, I'll just add more!
    Thank you so much!! =)
  10. I wanted to chime in that I think you made the right decision to keep the Speedy. (And the fact that I personaly adore the Damier Speedy 30, and would die of happiness if DH gave me one, is even beside the point.) I've learned (from painful experience) that when a man you love gives you a present, unless you really, really hate it, the best thing to do is wear it with pride and love & gratitude to the giver. After all, don't you want to make giving you an LV purse a pleasant experience for him? An experience that he will always feel good about? (And, incidentally, one that he might want to repeat one day?)
  11. I say keep it I am trying to get dbf to buy me one for my birthday! It will grow on you when I first got my azur speedy 25 it took a couple of weeks and now I could never get rid of it and I want another one!:P
  12. I say keep it, especially because it was a gift. I always keep dh's gifts even if some are unpractical. They are always so special. Also like another poster said, the Speedy is a lifer. I am more of a shoulder bag type of girl but I do love my Speedy very much!

  13. I agree. Besides, it's a gift from your dearest sweet bf which makes it extra special kwim?

    please, you'll regret it. plus, price increase? no the time you figure out that you really want this bag (it's a classic, who wouldn't), you'll probably be paying 50 to 80 bucks more including tax for her. also, i don't think there would be any drama between you and your friend. yeah, boo hoo whe wasn't able to get it for her birthday, but you were, and that's all that matters (plus, just wanting to play the record again, your DBF got it for you). you can get a better view of the bag on the crook of your arm than if it's on your shoulder:tup:.

  15. glad you've made up your mind chica, just wanted to throw my two cents at ya first.

    btw, there will never be such a thing as an 'ONLY LV bag';)