someone has the Mogano city and tell me how is it plz?

  1. I am considering my first bbag with the Mogano RH city, does anyone have it and tell me how is her father? Is it thick, and smooth? Thanks.
  2. someone has it and help me !
  3. I have one and it is fantastic! The leather is thick, soft, silky.
  4. Mine has very thick, smooshy, great leather.
  5. I have the mogano part-time and the leather is thick and smooshy. Love it.
  6. hello sunspark would you have marron 06 too and if so you do a side-by-side swatch of the colours/leathers, please? tia!:flowers:
  7. danaguan - My first bbag was the 2007 Mogano City with SGH. I am really a fan of the giant hardware. I have since bought a couple more bbags, but the Mogano is the thickest, softest and smooshiest one. :love: Here are 2 pics: one inside, the other outside on a cloudy day.
    bbbagout.jpg bbbagin1.jpg
  8. I do have a Mogano SGh PT... and so far.. I'm loving it.. leather is plush, & smooth.. almost pilloweee... I also have it in the Money.. and I'm loving it. Mogano, Siena, & Steel are by far my favorite colors this season. I haven't seen horrible leather on anyone of those 3. Can't go wrong with it~! g:huh:d luck!
  9. I have a Mogano RH City and it has the thickest leather out of all my bbags.
  10. I have the Mogano City RH and love it! Leather is thick and smooshy, and the bag is just perfect!
  11. I just sold a mogano city because I have two other cities (blueberry and black) and couldn't justify keeping three. However, I will say that the color is gorgeous and the leather on the bag was truly exceptional -- some of the thickest, smooshiest Bal leather I have ever seen or felt.