Tech Someone hacked into my WoW account!

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  1. I have been playing World of Warcraft for about 5 years now. I've been a very casual guilds, no raids, just little quests here and there. I got an email Monday that my account was involved in "exploitative activity" which they didn't may have included paying someone to level me up, selling my gold on feebay and whatever else :P So my 5 characters, including a level 56 night elf (forgive my dorkiness here) are gone, as far as I know, with all the cool stuff I collected in that time....and 1.5k of gold!

    So...the other night I tried to log in to see if my account had been restored....and I got a message to enter an authenticator code. I googled authenticator and it's a key generator you buiy for $6.50 to generate new codes to enter after you log extra layer of security on the account. I can't even log in because the hacker got this authenticator thingy....but then again, I thought they shut me down.

    I appealed to them to reopen my account, that I wasn't the perp, but it's up to them now. Sigh. I thought my password was a good one too. So...all of you gamers...change those passwords and make them extra hard to guess! I was one of those guys that'll never happen to me, I mean 5 years of playing and no problems....but then I got that email :sad:
  2. I played WoW a couple years ago but unlike you I was a total nerd about it. I was *the* fury warrior in my guild, and my guild was the top raiding one on the server. I raided for like 3 hours atleast most nights and did heroics etc with my friends when we werent raiding. Ah, the good ol' days.

    I'm totally into Mass Effect and Dragon Age now though!

    Anyways with the whole account thing, my BF (who I met playing wow) had to get a notary to sign a document saying he owned his account. It was a lot of back and forth on the phone with Blizzard but he got it back eventually. Best of luck!
  3. Call them and actually speak to someone in CS. I had problems with my EQ2 account and we were writing back and forth, then I called and solved the issue in 10 minutes!
  4. Tried to call them and was told the wait time would be 45 min.! Then, I saw an email from them saying that they're sending my request for review and I will know the status in a couple days. I'll sit tight for answers, then call them mid-week if I don't hear anything! Now that it's gone, I miss playing more than ever!
  5. good luck, hun ! I hope they resolve it quickly...our internet at home was down for two days and I was going mental not being able to log in lol
  6. Called them to remove the authenticator and they did :smile: Well, after a 1 hr hold! I logged in and only my gold was missing...phew! I thought I'd have some nekkid characters...just totally stripped of their stuff.

    Then, I bought an was free for the iPhone and generates a unique 8 digit code for me to enter after entering my password. I think I'm safe now :smile:

    Happy gaming to all you gamers! I'm so glad to get back into it!
  7. this is great news ! happy playing, hun ! :biggrin:
  8. Must be a bad time of year for it. My son has been playing WoW for years and he is a computer geek type and his account got hacked about 2 weeks ago, he did the email back and forth thing and eventually got everything back minus his gold too...He was thrilled to get some of his stuff back.
  9. This happened to me too about 2 years ago. It was right before the authenticators came out too. I got most of my stuff back in about a week, but it was a giant pain in the ass. And Blizzard was really rude about it too- it was a brute force hack, as there was no possible way there was any keylogging software on my computer, like they insisted. Really annoying that instead of admitting their safeguards are pretty crappy they insist on blaming it on everyone else. I've since put an authenticator on it, and no more issues.
  10. this concerns me. do you have any idea how your account got hacked? i just started playing wow 3 months ago but already i have my main druid up to level 76 and my DK up to level 68, so of course, i really want to go all the way to level 80 with both toons (until cataclysm comes out, of course).

    i have tons of gold because i do dungeons a lot and my guild is very important to me (especially since i am the assistant GM).

    how is it your gold was missing? how did you get this authenticator? do you just frequently change your password?

    i would hate for this to happen to me at this point.

  11. Hi there...sorry, just caught up with this thread...the authenticator is on Blizzard's site. I downloaded a free iPhone app that generates a new password each time I sign in. I enter this newly generated password every time I log in. I have no clue as to how my account got hacked :sad:

    I got my gold back, thankfully! You've accumulated so much good stuff, I highly recommend the authenticator. They also have one that is a physical little device linked to your account that generates codes. It costs about 8 bucks and they ship it to you, but it's so worth it!
  12. ^ I'm going to get the authenticator right away for 6-8 bucks as soon as I can! I didn't even know it existed until I got hacked, lol.
  13. Yeah I'd get an authenticator now, as they have run out of them from time to time as their stock gets low and demand gets high (normally right around or before a new patch/release).
  14. i am totally not making fun of this, but as someone who does not play WoW and has very limited knowledge of it at all, this was made me LOL. visions of animated people running around naked in WoW world lol
  15. Oh, it was pretty funny in that I had to put their clothes back on, I'll admit to that...they were missing their armor, but thankfully, they have little undergarments on :smile: