Someone grab this gorgeous 05 black medium

  1. I love this bag! I can't decide if I would get it in the work or city! It is gorgeous!
  2. I have that exact bag (from early 05) and the leather does not compare to any of my newer bbags
  3. ^^You mean that in a good way, right? How is the leather better? Softer?
  4. Yes, in a great way. The leather on my black city is AMAZING not that I'm unhappy w/ my others but they are not as special.
  5. I wish I could feel an older bag so i'd know what I was missing. That's my only wonder about purchasing a new '06 fall city. ........
  6. I have this bag as well and concur that the leather is super soft and smooshy! It just slumps!
  7. yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. but it's like retail price, wouldn't you just try and find a new one?
  9. ^^If you can find one that has the same soft, buttery, thicker leather, then by all means. The allure of this this particular S/S 05 Bbag is the leather not the colour coz as we know black is made every season. I'm not sure if the Fall 06 black is similar. Anyone felt one up?:P
  10. a new one wouldn't be anything like this 05. so pretty! :love:
  11. Ooooh! Who got it?!?
  12. Oh doh! :Push: I'm hoping a tPFer got it! :supacool:
  13. with all the talk about how yummy '05 leather is, it's gotta be a PFer!!!