Someone got LUCKY!!!!!

  1. y can't i ever find any good deal like that?

    congrats someone
  2. Wow! Where are the uber rare b-bags all coming from (an 04' turquoise twiggy is rare, isn't it?)! They come and go in mere minutes. I need to start camping out on ebay or something!
  3. Holy S:censor:T!!!!


    I'm green with envy!
  4. YAY! It was me!! :yes:
    I was JUST about to post asking if it was a turquoise because the seller wrote that it was seafoam. Thanks for clearing that up for me! ;)

    Can't wait till it arrives...i think after recieving those 2 fake Bluefly bbags, the balenciaga gods were smiling down on me :angel: :lol:
  5. Aim, I am SOOO happy for you! If you decide to part w/ it, I have a friend who is searching for the '04 turquoise ;)

    and mura, yup '04 turquoise is rare and lovely!!! It's very close to seafoam so it gets mistaken for seafoam a lot.
  6. Oh damn that's wonderful :love: Knowing it was one of the PFers who got it makes me super happy! Congrats aimky, wonderful find!!!

    I would have been pissed had it been a random lucky unknowing person :roflmfao:

    I know, I'm weird :noworry:
  7. Congrats Aimky!

    Yeah, that 04 turquoise does get confused for seafoam I had to do a do a double take on the hardware. It's pretty! :heart:
  8. OMG!!! congrats!!!! that's lovely..I haven't seen a turq 04 in a twiggy:heart: :graucho:
  9. Congrats! That is an amazing, amazing, amazing score!
  10. Oh Aimky . . . CONGRATS to this rare find - you lucky girl :yes: ! Enjoy it :flowers:
  11. Congrats, aimky! I'm VERY happy for you!
  12. wow, congratulations!
  13. awesome score!!! congrats aimky ;)
  14. Wow congrats! It's beautiful!