someone got into my ebay account, and i thought i was pretty savy.

  1. Hi ladies.. i just wanted to let you guys know that this week, some horrible person hijacked my eBay account...

    they listed tons of i am assuming fake stuff all with BINS. I happened to notice it right away, and started to pull them all down, suspended my account and got on the live help.. eBay was helpful and credited my account but for the life of me , i cant figure out how this happened.

    i thought i was super safe.. i never open up any eBay or paypal emails in my email .. i go to the site directly. the only thing i can think of is that my gmail password and my ebay password were the same. i think someone hacked into my email account, and got my password,

    or somehow in my favorite searches..... i must have clicked on something.. so i cancelled all my favorite searches:cursing:

    so..... please please please... if your email password and your ebay password, and paypal are the same.. change them!!!! also, paypal offers a clicker for security that you can have them send to you.. it is a key chain device that generates random numbers that you have to use to log into your account. I sent for one...

    and never never ever read an email from ebay or paypal from your email application.. just go directly to your secure account to read them..

    it really sucks that we.. handbag girls are a huge target for this horrible internet fraud... it totally scares me to death... i think my ebay days are over....:cursing:
  2. Ebay can be fun, but things like your experiences really put me off obsession is dwindling.:sad:

    Glad you got it sorted though!
  3. thanks yes.. its sad,, i did however order the paypal security key.. i want to keep my paypal account...

    i think everyone here should get one.. if you go to your paypal account, down at the bottom click on security, then look in tools.. its in there... i have one for my bank account too..

    good luck!
  4. Did you run a virus scan? Sometimes people can record your keystrokes via a backdoor virus
  5. you should also have 2 different email accounts for, 1 for ebay and 1 for PayPal, so they cannot be tied into each other. That causes problems also. Ebay recommended this when I was at the ebay University conference they had last summer.
  6. That's horrible! This is one of my greatest fears!
  7. I've tried looking for this, but can't find it? Help, I want one!:wtf:
  8. that's scary... thanks for talking about the security key... my friend has a similar device for his stocks in hong kong... this looks really helpful

    it took me a while to find it!! I went to security center... online safety essentials then it's under paypal security key