Someone give me to guts to do it!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been frequenting this forum a lot recently and I have fallen in love with a medium carly, on ebay, for 180$. I'm pretty new to coach (I just have a signature wristlet) but now I reaaaally want the carly.

    Problem is - I'm a student, I have a job but minimum wage and I don't work that much - and every time I tell myself I should buy the carly, I chicken out. 180$ is a large sum of money to me!

    Right now I dont have a "go to" purse that I love to take out and use, so I'm telling myself I should just buy one I really like that I could use for a long time.... but the practical side of me is saying that 180$ is a large large sum of money. I know my mom wouldn't approve (I'm in college so still pretty financially dependent on her)

    I keep going back and forth.... I'm thinking that if I bought this I wouldn't buy a purse in a verrry long time b/c I'd just take it out with me all the time (though when I'm at school I woudlnt use a purse much). I think it would count as a sort of 20th-birthday present to myself...coming up soon in february.

    But I keep chickening out! Anyone feel like this? I see everyone on tPF but but then again, unlike most of you working gals, I'm in college and I shouldn't spend much money on myself due to my small income! :Push:
  2. Is it a signature jacquard fabric Carly or is it an all leather version? If it's the former one, I would probably pass because the fabric will eventually fray and you'll really feel bad when it does. If the bag has a FS stamp on the creed then definitely do not get it--it means 'final sale' and you cannot take the bag in to have it repaired.

    If the Carly is an all-leather one, then I say go for it as long as you can balance your chequebooks. Otherwise, just save up your money and wait for a time when you (and your friends) may be heading down to a nearest outlet and go have a look then.

    I wish you all the best of luck in your decision!
  3. Ditto to what T-Girl said...

    Also, would you be buying the bag on credit? It's not worth going into debt for a bag! If you can't pay for it outright immediately and still pay all your other expenses, I would wait. Maybe get a wristlet instead to keep in your current bag/school bag?
  4. Definitely don't buy the bag on credit. It'll end up costing you way to much after you figure up all that interest. If you really can get away with it, I agree to try and find a leather bag which will last much longer. If you really don't feel good about spending that much now, start saving up and you'll be able to save up enough before long and then won't feel bad about it and have a good investment in a bag you'll use a lot.
  5. Yup, agree with the above posts not to pay using cc unless you can settle that bill when the cc bill comes in a month's time. Not worth to go into debt for material things, kwim? You can always get one in future when you hot the outlets (which have fab prices anyway).
  6. If you are fighting with yourself over it, do not get it. You are a student, and I can think of a lot of ways that $180 could be better spent. Don't worry...Carlys will be around for a long time.
  7. Firstly, have you tried on the Carly? If you haven't, make sure you are able to see one up close and personal and wear it around a little bit to make sure you'll absolutely love it. I've made countless purchases where I was so sure that I'd love a bag forever and then I got tired of it after using it only a few times.

    Secondly, my recommendation is to give yourself a reason to buy it. Maybe you can give up something else that can help at least offset the cost of the bag. Maybe you spend $5 on coffee every morning or you go out to eat too often. If you give something up, you'll feel less guilty treating yourself to something nice.

    Personally, I quit smoking and rewarded myself by setting the money I would have spent on cigarettes aside to spend on myself. I was smoking a pack a day and at $5+ a pack, it was very easy to quickly save up for bags that I wanted. If you're doing it as a birthday present to yourself, maybe you could budget and spend a little less on something else to offset the cost a little. Giving something up will even make your purchase seem more special.

    If you have carried one around, you love it and its something that will make you very happy, go for it! Just make sure that its not going to break you financially. When the trouble it causes you is greater than the joy you'll get out of a bag, it's not worth it.
  8. I'm a college student too, don't feel like you are alone! :yes: I agree with the other girls, definitely don't buy it on credit. If you can afford to pay cash for the bag, then by all means do it! (That's how I get my bags). Carly's will always be around, so maybe you could see if you could pick up extra hours at work to save the cash for it exclusively?
  9. Oh, also totally agreeing with T-Girl on the issue of the signature jacquard version vs. the leather. The leather version will last so much longer and as a college student with low income, you don't want to spend that much on something that will not last.
  10. Regardless of what you decide to do.....please make sure you have it authenticted here on tPF first!! I'd hate to see you send your money on a fake bag and sig carly's are replicated replicated and end up on *bay quite often. Good luck to you.
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    That's what I :heart: about tPF. We may enable each other to get bags...but only to a certain extent. We may love Coach but we're all a fairly rational group. We certainly don't push each other to buy beyond our limits and go bankrupt. We provide honest support and feedback for each other on how much we can spend and encourage one another to enjoy our purchases in moderation.

    Kudos to Coach subforum! :tup:
  12. Thanks so much for all the responses everyone! Very helpful advice/suggestions...
    I will definitely not be getting the bag on credit (I'm financially savvy enough to understand that that is a bad decision... soon the 180$ bag will cost 360$!). I have enough money in my bank account to pay for it, I just feel guilty for spending 180$ on a bag :P

    You've all been super helpful... I will think about it some more (look into the leather bags) and maybe pick up more hours at work
  13. Hey Simisme! First off, do you have a Coach factory store ANYWHERE near you? If so I'd think you could find a bag you like just as well (sense you seem to be after the signature) for ALOT less! Maybe you could try going for a Carly demi or a Carly top handle pouch! These are both right around $100 and they are SUPER CUTE! If you just carry the bag for "going out" and such, maybe you could get by with something smaller! I'll try and post a couple of *bay links for you so that you can see the smaller styles! I agree with the OP that if you are looking to this bag as an investment the signature Carly is NOT the way to go! They are GORGEOUS and functional....but they need to be treated with kid gloves!!!

    I'll get back with you for some links. Maybe this way you could put some B-day cash towards it and be approx $100 ahead while still having the "style" of bag that you like! $180 is ALOT for a student, and you already know mom's gonna FREAK if she finds out! Keep in mind how hard SHE works for the money that she put's towards helping you!!! It's a tough economy right now...think of mom's position too!!!
  14. The worst thing that a college student can do is get a credit card.
    It is too easy to spend beyond your means.
    Pay with cash and don't compare your wants with other peoples on this forum.
    Being financially responsible is more important than getting material possessions, trust me!
  15. You might be surprised at your mom's reaction if you tell her you're saving for a Coach purse and are willing to give up some other things to get it. Perhaps she'd give you money for your birthday to put towards the purchase.
    I agree about the leather vs the signature fabric as far as a Carly. I like the siggie, but leather will last longer. You might be surprised what you can get for your money if you have an outlet nearby. Ebay can be fun, but it also is loaded with fakes. If you decide to go that route, be sure to post pictures on the Authenticate This thread BEFORE bidding.

    It's really hard to wait if you have your heart set on something, but sometimes you really have to be practical. :crybaby: I'd say wait until you can save up more money so you're not cutting yourself short in case you need money for something school-related.

    Happy birthday early! :Partyhat: