Someone get this wallet!

  1. Yes they do, they are well known at tPF. Many of the Hermes-ladies have bought from them, and so have I :yahoo:
  2. *drooling* i wanna buy from them too! their prices seems to be so competitive!
  3. Seems like they sell real stuff. Their Hermés is tdf.
  4. i like i like......
  5. I recomend it 100%
    the shipping is FEDEX free of charges so the price you see there is the price you pay and you get the bag the next day more or less
  6. I thought only sold LV online?

    Well, after further research it looks like this site actually sells "used" [consignment] items? Is this ture, I am just curious...thanks!
  7. ^ yes i think they sell used items. look at the pictures of the LV shoes, it is used not brand new. that explains why they're cheaper. i think it's like let-trade :yes:
  8. Luxury Zurich is a luxury vintage shop, that happens to have a web-site as well. If you search tPF you'll see a lot of threads where people have bought from them.
  9. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

    I just ordered what they refer to as a LV agenda - but to me it looks more like a checkbook with 3 c/c slots.


    FREE FedEx - love it!!

    I will let you know how everything goes, but thanks for the tip!

  10. LZ is also a member of tPF. Many H ladies have purchased items from them and even visited his shop in Zurich!:graucho:
  11. I notice at the checkout they ask you to cross out the box for the custom price...what is the better choice?

  12. I have a LV agenda that I use as a checkbook cover and it is perfect. I hope you LOVE it!!! I can't wait to see pics when you get it in!:flowers:
  13. omg thanks for showing me this store u guys xoxox