someone explain to me why I want this LOL

  1. Because it's on sale????
  2. Subliminal message picture! Only not so much, lol.
  3. Maybe because it's on sale and in a way is pretty funny. I just don't know if I'd want to actually OWN it.
  4. I think it's really cute! And funny!
  5. well i dont care that it is on sale...but i think it's funny to say that..although ya got a point abandonedimages!..subliminal messages HAHA... see, i do think its cute..but i hate the shape of that bag..that is what really turns me off (thanks guys for being my voice of reason)
  6. Its really funny, but you'd probably never wear it. Its like those funny tee shirts, you might wear them a few times or never. At least that's how it goes with me.
  7. I saw that in red @ Loehmann's the other day, and literally had to pry myself away with images of Balenciaga in my head!! I got halfway up to the counter, turned around and set it back cute as it was, it just wasn't that practical...but I want it again!!

    The main thing I kept telling myself was that if it wasn't MJ I prolly wouldnt have wanted it! Hope this helps!
  8. chanelissy..good point about if it were not for the fact that it was MJ I wouldn't want it...however, sometimes i wonder if i do that for a few of my purses..i love them but really love them because they are a designer that i like. winternights good analogy about the funny teeshirts though! eh i still don't know...if i am this unsure, chances are i won't buy it..
  9. It is very clever but even if there's just an INKLING of doubt which I'm sensing, you'll wind up regretting if after you purchase it. I know I would be kicking myself thinking I could have spent that on other things!
  10. :biggrin: :biggrin: lol, I thought NICE RAG
  11. That's funny!

    which doesn't say much for me wanting the bag, when it does look like a "nice rag" LOL..okay, i think i officially answered myself on whether to buy it or not :biggrin:
  13. Because your sick! Step away from the computer now!

  14. if it wasn't MARC, would you still want it?