Someone enlighten me please...

  1. Have you ever received an expensive designer handbag as a gift that you "did not really like"?
    I mean I know my husbands lets down the side some Christmas mornings, but £500 for something that I have not specifically asked for?? Men know nothing about bags (generally speaking of course!), so I am really confused.

    I want to know if there are any genuine bags on eBay (apart from mine of course :smile:) and how can you trust anyone??

    Ughh, I throw my hands up in despair!!
  2. Are you saying that your DH gave you an expensive bag that you didn't like and you want to sell it on eBay? :confused1:

    I never got any designere bags from anyone except from DH, but it's usually something that I've asked for.

    About eBay, if you know your brands well enough then you can tell w/c is authentic and which isn't. Of course there's the bait and switch and SNAD issues.
  3. ALWAYS have your designer items authenticated here first in the appropriate "Authenticate This..." thread before even placing a bid.

    I have never been given a high end item as a gift unless I specifically asked for that brand and model. The only person I can imagine spending that kind of money on a gift they are not sure you are going to like is your mother or mother-in-law (you know, the ones that know everything ;o). HTH!
  4. Hello wantmore

    What does SNAD stand for?

    Thanks! M
  5. SNAD = Significantly Not As Described
  6. I am saying that how can we belive anyone who says this???
    Why not ask for the reciept and get the full price back.
    Ebay has me scared of buying a bag that I really want because it was a "gift" and it is beautiful???
    why does she not want it???
  7. There has been a lot of debate about this on tPF! I find it hard to believe too, but then again, it seems to happen all the time. For all we know, they've kept it in the closet for 12 months and are only just now getting around to deciding they don;t like it. I just saw a thread where a tPFer busted her friend/relation ebaying the xmas gift the tPFer had given her.

    So people really DO do it!
  8. If your husband bought you the bag recently and you don't like it, couldn't you tell him it's not quite your style and exchange it at the store for something that is? Usually you'll lose a lot of a bag's retail value on eBay because buyers generally want to grab a bargain.
  9. Just to make this clear for everyone because the OP's post wasn't totally clear.

    The OP has found a bag on eBay that she likes but the seller has put in that it was a gift from their husband but they didn't like it so were selling it on eBay. The OP wonders why they wouldn't exhange it or take it back or something.

    In response to the OP, it may be that the sellers husband bought it abroad so it couldn't be returned or may even be that she has so much stuff her husband wouldn't notice if she sold it and doesn't have the heart to tell him she doesn't like the bag
  10. My DH can be so clueless sometimes. He has purchased me many expensive items that I did not like at all! He no longer buys me jewelry, he was batting 1000!!! He just has no taste when it comes to jewelry. Handbags he does good b/c he knows to stick to TOD'S. I have been know to give away or sell a gift from him. No biggie, he tried...

    My BFF just got a very expensive gift from her DH this past x-mas, she hated it, thought it was just ugly! It will sit in a box for years b/c he would be so hurt if she returned it so she won't even ask him for the receipt. Me, I would call the credit card company and get a copy of the receipt and return it behind his back, he'd never notice, lol!
  11. I can understand your point - but here in the UK -the general policy for returning an item to a store for a refund is 30 days and you must provide the receipt of the item, unless she has this they are highly unlikely to refund.

    May be she didn't wish to upset her husband by asking for the receipt as he would have wondered why she wanted it. It could of course, not be authentic and for that reason alone if l wasn't sure l would post it in the authenticate this....
  12. Awww..I'd be SO happy if someone gave me a black Fendi spy for my birthday :heart:
  13. I am always just a little suspicious of listings that say the item was a gift from someone else. I'm sure it happens legitimately all the time but something niggles at me that maybe they are protecting themselves in case it is proven fake that they did not know because it was a gift.
  14. i would believe the story if the gift was from someone else but not DH. he is ur (the seller) husband, is it too hard to tell him you dont like it than selling it to someone else?
  15. I steer clear of buying things that were "gifts"...they can always claim they didnt know it was fake. And sometimes i've seen auctions where the seller states that the item was a gift from someone and to THIER knowledge the bag is authentic. I'm sorry but i need official and solid proof that it is authentic and not the seller's own opinion of its authenticity.