Someone else signed for my EMS package!

  1. I've just checked tracking and it appears that someone else has signed for my EMS packge. :confused1:

    I've called my post office and the australian courier company who both dont know where it is.

    I'm despereately trying not to freak out. :crybaby:

    The thing is, this has happened to me before, when on tracking someone has signed for the package, then it has been delivered that same afternoon. But still I cant help but freak out!

    I really need some level-headed people to tell me to relax!! :sad:
  2. okay just writing that has helped me calm down a little. Breathe in, breathe out.
  3. Don't be panic. I ever got 2 sellers, their room mate signed for them then they KEPT the items!! :cursing: and told to my buyers after my buyers confront them and found their signed at shipping invoice from post office. My buyers went to post office to got those details.
  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry. It'll be ok though. The Post Office will have to get you your money back. If not, you can always do a chargeback if you paid by a credit card.
  5. check your neighbors!!
  6. do you know who could have signed for it? is it a 100% that it was delivered and signed? i once received a package for my neighbour, as i was waiting for a parcel i signed but then (before i open it) realized it wasn't for me...
    don't freak out, i might delivered later on the afternoon...:flowers:
  7. It says delivered and signed for by *&*&*&*&*. I'm telling myself its a tracking error....
  8. I usually receive EMS parcels here. Even, my maid at my home and security in front of my home ever signed for it! I can say, in some country, EMS deliver by postman and they don't care who's sign the invoice :push: but usually, we need to pick up direct from post office.

    If you go to local post office at EMS department, they'll be able to show you the copy of delivery invoice if you've valid ID card.
  9. If it's not deliver yet, you won't find such the details below:

    AUSTRALIA AU 2007-08-06 15:57 [EMF] Departure from inward OE to AU Adpis : INB AUSTRALIA AU 2007-08-06 23:09 [EMG] Arrival at delivery office AUSTRALIA AU 2007-08-07 11:20 [EMI] Final delivery Received By :

    This is for delivered item.
  10. Call 1800 007 678 right now and see if they can help you. Sorry, please keep us posted.
  11. is it possible they delivered to a neighbor who signed for you?
  12. I've called australian ems and they said that the name doesnt mean anything. They said I should go to the post office this afternoon. However I havent gotten a card or anything saying something is there. They also said that I cant start the investigation, that the seller must start it. Ugh!!!
  13. I'm positive it's a tracking error. The exact same thing happened to me about a month ago. The package was supposedly signed for the day I mailed it!
    I called USPS and they confirmed the error, the package was actually in transit.
    There is definitely no reason to panic yet as I'm sure it will arrive.
  14. Okay - my neighbour who just moved in just knocked on my door - she signed for it!

    I cant believe a courier would knowlingly allow someone who doesnt live at an address to sign for it!!!!