Someone either talk me into or out of an MC Trouville :-)

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  1. Ok, so I had a speedy a long while ago. I found for me personally the handles on the speedy are too small therefore not comfy for me and strictly a hand carry (not even crook of arm). Fast forward I am eyeing the trouville. It's soooooo pretty. But I fear that one it's going to be too heavy. And 2 the handles are going to be too small. For reference - I prefer a handle drop of 5 or 6 and inches up for a hand / arm. ( think of the handle of a Mulberry bayswater or an LP ) I don't know how this is as a hand carry. And I just saw a thread and lost it on the trouville vs the deauville. I read the handle drop was larger with the deauville. What are your thoughts? Based on this info will I love it or hate it? Lol. Thanks!
  2. I love the look of the mc trouville but I think the handles are too short even when worn on the crook of arm.
  3. If you need someone to convince you, it sounds like you don't really want to buy it. Wait for something that truly fits your needs.
  4. This thread reminds me of the story of Goldilocks and three bears. This is too big, this is too small. You are the only person who can determine if it is just right. Invest the time to go into the store and try it for yourself. Good luck with your decision.

    I agree with nerual13.
  5. +1. i dont think the handle is that much longer than the speedy.
  6. Ahhh. Well I am on the fence. I love it. I really do. But I don't want to buy it to find it's really impractical. Kwim? Since I have never seen one IRL its hard to say I'll love it or no I hate the handles. Lol. Thanks for the input guys.
  7. My noir trouville was my first LV. I still love it. It is a hand held bag only. Handles are smaller that the speedy. I like the structure. I love all the colors. I have honestly put that bag through everything. It finally cracked at the top by the zipper. That bag had been in hurricanes and blizzards, left in car in 100 degree weather, left in car in freezing temps over night. Beer been dumped on it. Been thrown and banged around and been in rain and snow storms. She was worth every penny i paid and even with her crack i still love that bag:smile: if u like to hold your bag by hand or a finger she is a great bag. If not then you should buy her;)))
  8. The trouville has smaller handles than the speedy, it works for me but many don't like it. What about the alma?

  9. I had an alma. It was my very first LV and then I sold it several months later because I didn't like the handles. The bag tends to get heavy and it didn't fit my crook. It went as far as my wrist and that was not comfy for me. Lol. I had no idea the trouville handles were that small. I guess as much as I like it I should stay clear. Thanks!

  10. I guess I talked you out of it [emoji39]

  11. Lol!!! Not a bad thing at all. Lol. :smile:.
  12. #12 Mar 16, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
    I love my Noir MC Trouville, it's one of my fav bags. I don't think it's too heavy and I find the handles to be just fine, I mean if it had bigger handles it wouldn't be as cute so I can live without bigger handles. Is it the most practical? No it is not but its so fun I don't care. Also I can actually wear it in the crook of my arm but I am known by my friends to have "alien" arms because they are so scrawny so thats probably why I can.

    You need to really think about whether or not you can deal with the handle drop for some its a deal breaker. As far as the Deauville I know some people use it has a everyday bag but I see it more as a travel piece so I would go with the Trouville over the Deauville for everyday.

    Here is a pic of me with my noir MC. I missed it so much I actually took it out a couple times over winter even though I planed on it only being spring/summer (we did have a mild winter in NY though). What color are you thinking about getting?

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  13. The Trouville is a toiletry bag, right?
  14. I think the monogram one is more of that type of bag not the MC version isn't.

  15. I was more thinking about the interior, and why the handles (or the bag itself) might be designed like they are. Not the looks, I don't think you can really see that this bag was not designed as a handbag. But I guess the functionality is not optimised for the use as a handbag, because that was not the intended use.

    I am sometimes toying with the Deauville/Trouville idea, because actually I have a (Kate Spade) toiletry bag of this size, and I love how much fits in there.

    Do you ever use yours as a toiletry bag or strictly as a handbag?
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