Someone convince me to buy the cirrus please??

  1. Hey
    I really want the Cirrus!
    i think it's such a beautiful bag
    I LVOEit soo much!
    But i'm still trying to convince myself it's worth the money...
    i have seen some pictures of it and it's sooo pretty!
    Anyone convince me please..
    How long will it last?
    is the material good?
    will it get very dirty easily?
    Will the material be hard to clean?
    I'm almost ready to buy it i just need a lil convincing..
  2. Buy it! lol i don't have this bag so i can't say much exept, buy it!
  3. It's made of leather and buttery-soft!
  4. how could that line not sell you lol!! :nuts:
  5. It's faaaaantastic :smile: Not more delicate than any other leather item actually cos the leather is treated to look washed and crumpled! It's not pure white so umm, unless you're usually very careless with your bags, there shouldn't be any concern about it 'looking' dirty :smile:

    Colour transfer e.g from jeans, applies to any light coloured leather bags, not just the cirrus :yes:

    If you want a beautiful light coloured leather bag, seriously, cirrus is the way to go! :graucho:
  6. :nuts: It's like a big pillow! So pretty!! I love it!

    Get it, get it, get it...
  7. Kaiie!!! I thought you wanted the nimbus what changed??
    Weve already had this conversation, lol, if you think you will get enough use out of it then I say yes, im just scared of the light colour and delicate material.
    At least with Chanel you can have black lambskin, kwim? xx
    Its up to you hun! If you still like this better than any of the F/W stuff then I say go for it, if not then hold out for the F/W collection xx
  8. Eep i don't know! Sophie i loved the Nimbus too but it looks way to big on me :sad: and i really want something Olympe ! It's all summery...:nuts:
    But like then if i got the Cirrus i would be on one Serious ban! i have already got 5 things already this year
    but i always want more :sad:
    i like the pomme luggage!
    & the Amarante stuff...
    But i guess they will be around for awhile wont they?
    I feel pressured since the olympe is L.E!
    Darn L.E things.
    And also i Love the Ecru colour! :drool:
    Hmm And our closest CHANEL is London isnt it?
    I need to do some serious thinking
    O gosh.
    Sorry guys i'm going mad here!
  9. Kaiie, do not rush into it! Its £1330!! That is a lot of money!
    You could get 2 Chanel flaps for that! Or a reissuse! Now that is a classy bag that will NEVER go out of fashion!
    You have wanted a Chanel for so long, you could get your tote for that!
    Yep nearest one is London, only 2 hours away not far!
    I do love LV but for this one, based on price, how long it will stay in for etc, my vote is if you want to spend that type of money get something timeless!! Speedy or Chanel xx
  10. its one of the hottest damn bags ever! lol

    thats all you need! lol
  11. I don't have the cirrus but I have the stratus in beige.
    I just love the quilted leather, something I haven't seen in LV before and the colour is a nice neutral.
  12. Said perfectly!
  13. No ! I look after my bags like babies :p
    Hmm i wear dark jeans alot would the colour rub off onto it? If it did how would i get it off:wtf:
  14. Hmm now i don't know what to do!
    Chanel something..(I do love their straps on the bags!:drool:) Or cirrus..
    I think i need to go to Chanel & Lv and like try on the Cirrus see how it looks and then go to Chanel try on some stuff there.. The problem with chanel is i like their totes but the ones i like don't have zip closures i dont think.. I get paranoid with my bags.:crybaby:
    Hehe i'm planning on getting a speedy maybe for christmas :graucho:
  15. it is a beautiful bag. I have a stratus PM and I love it to death. I don't baby it but I definitely take care of it. You will not regret getting it.