Someone console me- I have to keep waiting!

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  1. I've been planning on buying a BBag for a while and trying to save up for it while working this past year on a work term. Well, I keep making other purchases, and while I don't really regret them, that money could have gone towards a BBag.

    Now, September is fast approaching. I have one more year of engineering left and then I will graduate! :yahoo: I have been saving money for this upcoming year for tuition and living expenses. I have enough for all that, plus "fun" money. I do have enough fun money for a BBag... but it would really limit what I could do in my last year of university. I want my last year of school to be fun! Also, I refuse to go into debt for any purchases.

    However, I think I will buy a BBag as a graduation gift to myself. So I will have to wait until March/April/May when I have extra money, and until then, I will just have to keep looking at everyone else's gorgeous bags and console myself that my time will come!

    Thanks for letting me vent! :shame:
  2. That is so responsible of you. Just think how much more special the BBag will be come graduation. In the meantime, enjoy the bags that you do have.

    I am also saving for my first Bbag and have been sidetracked with other purchases also. I know it's hard to wait, but it will be worth it :smile:
  3. It's a good reward and you're being very prudent and responsible. Hang in there! When you do buy the BBag, it will be very special indeed!
  4. Congrats on making a smart choice....I'm going through the same thing! The bags will always be there. Enjoy your last year and then when you're finally finished you'll have a nice bbag to reward yourself with! Sounds like a good compromise, you get to have fun AND get a bag..not just a bag! :tup:
  5. That's being very sensible. No bag is worth getting into debt for. When you finally get your first bbag it'll be worth the wait. GL!
  6. Don't be sad - I think you were pragmatic - you ought to thank yourself for that! Not buying things on credit may seem old-fashioned but it certainly is the wise thing to do. I do save up and buy my bags only when I have the moolah and frankly, it's a good way to curb reckless spending. Well, I've been planning on buying a BBag since early this year but I found myself bewitched by other bags. I finally got the BBag I really liked this season and it's worth the wait! Like my dad always says, you'll be able to buy the things you desire after you graduate and get a good, cushy job. :yes:
  7. you're being: responsible (kings_20 and jelts), prudent (jelts), smart (HalcyonGirl), sensible (Jzlyn), pragmatic and wise (fleur-de-lis).

    take care of the important things first. well done.
  8. ringing phone, what's your favorite bag?
  9. You seem like a very sensible person. That is awesome, and I admire that. I could never condone anyone going into debt beyond their means to get an expensive designer handbag. I think you have the right attitude. And when next spring comes, it will be all the sweeter because you will have really thought it out and planned it. I find when I have to wait and work toward a bag, I appreciate it a lot more. So KUDOS!:tup:
  10. Thank you for the encouragement! I know buying a bag as a graduation gift will be extra sweet, because 1) I'll have a bag! and 2) I'll have graduated!

    rosieposie- My ultimate list at the moment is a black work, grenat work, some shade of brown work, black city, a blue city, and a purple city. I'll just keep dreaming until the time comes! :yes:
  11. You made a very responsible decision! I admire you for it! I'm sure that when you finally get your Bbag, you'll find that it was definitely worth the wait. Good luck on your last year in school!
  12. What a responsible and mature decision! It will give you something to look forward to, besides from graduating.
  13. That's very responsible! I'm in college as well, so I sort of know what you're going through. I have 3 bbags but I want so many more haha but like you, I know they aren't worth getting into debt for. I don't have any debt and I plan on keeping it that way! Saving up for a bbag is really hard, because they're so expensive, but in the end they are soooo incredibly worth it! The leather is amazing and I just think they have such a unique chic look to them, not to mention the colors! :drool: It will be a great graduation present and a reminder of how hard you worked, both in school and to earn the bag! :tup: keep doin what you're doin!