Someone "Cleaned" my Cabas! Advice Please..

  1. I posted pics of my first Chanel last week - my beloved black Baby Cabas. Well I left it out the other day and my housekeeper was in a good mood and decided to "clean it" with some leather cream - same stuff that goes on the leather couch:wtf: I got home as she was finishing one side and I kind of panicked, not knowing how the cream would affect the leather.

    Well, now I look at my bag and that one side looks a little "washed out". The side which was left untouched looks totally fine, but the side that got cleaned looks less even (though there are no distinct areas of fading and it doesn't really come out in pictures).
    Has anyone ever experienced this before? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

    I tried wiping down the bag with warm water with a bit of vinegar (as suggested by Lovin My Bags) but I don't know that it really made any difference. Are there any creams/lotions you ladies apply on your bags? Any suggestions? (I generally use Bally/Cole Haan leather lotion for some of my bags if I have to but I don't want to worsen the situation). Thanks!
  2. try apple conditioner? i heard they're great on the bbag forum! i've used LMB on my bbags and i don't think they work as fab... all the best!
  3. Oh. My. Word. !!! HOW could she think it was okay to do that? I would be LIVID!!!
  4. She was feeling "helpful" (I can tell you about the time she washed my "Dry Clean Only" silk top, ironed the wrinkles out of a "crinkle" top, etc. etc.) She is sweet and well-intentioned but sometimes it gets out of hand.

    Anyway, thanks for the advise on the Apple conditioner, ladydeluxe! It's not available here (I'm in Manila) but I did order it a while back for my B-bags and should be getting mine in a couple of weeks.
  5. maybe you can send your bag back to Chanel & have them trying to "fix" it. I think that is the safest thing to do.
  6. hey, im from manila too!:idea: may i ask where you're getting your apple care bag conditioner? thanks!
  7. I have read great things about Chanel's restoration service, so I would also recommend looking into that.

    Apple conditioner is worth a try (do NOT use their cleaner!!). The Apple Conditioner is the gentlest product I've found for my bbags...never alters the leather but makes scuffs and dryness blend better...evens out the look of the leather.
  8. OMG!
    I woulda freaked!LOL!
    Id take it back to where u got it from and ask.
  9. I've used Apple Cleaner on my bags and shoes... why does everyone warn not to? It never harmed my bags.
  10. oh no, i'm so sorry! definitely call chanel or bring it to a boutique. when will be be back in nyc? i know someone very sweet in the soho store if you're in the downtown area...
    p.s. cute name! ;)
  11. I ordered it from and my sister is shipping it to me with a few things for the baby:smile: I think they ship internationally - you may want to check.
  12. Thanks HappyAngel, fiatflux, jill and nycmom - I do think sending to Chanel would be best but there are no Chanel boutiques in Manila. I don't think I'll be in NY till spring next year at the soonest (I'm giving birth in a month). I would consider mailing it in to them but the postal system here is not the best, and I'd hate to get taxed (on return shipment) for something I already own (import tax here is 40% of item value). The bag doesn't look TOO bad (only to me, I think) so I'm hoping the apple conditioner will work it's magic...
  13. i don't live in manila but there is a boutique in Manila that sells appleguard.
    here is the information that i found on their website! APPLE GARD LEATHER CARE KITS are now available at TRESORIE. Tresorie is located at 2nd floor, Doña Consolacion Bldg, 122 Jupiter Street Makati City. Tel. (632) 890-0037.

    hope that helps : )
  14. Thanks a lot! I just called them and they have a few in stock. I can get it today and see if it saves my bag:sad: I will let you all know how it goes. Thanks ladies!!!
  15. Ohh my. Hope it all works out. Good luck