Someone called my Gold Miroir Speedy..."NOT REAL"..LONG VENT!!

  1. SO I went to Starbucks this morning, like I always do!! It's my drug of choice. And today I was carrying "Big Blingy" as my fiance calls her, my gold miroir speedy. And there were 2 older woman sitting with MC bags on their laps..These were the ugliest, fakest fakes I have ever seen...But I didn't say ANYTHING!! I went and did my order and was waiting for them to call my order up and one of the ladies tapped me and asked me what my bag was called. I told her, oh this is my Gold Miroir Speedy. She looked at her friend and said...."Well, I hate to tell you this..That's not a real bag!" I was like, :wtf:, are you serious? I nearly screamed at this lady. But, in a manner unlike myself I explained it was a newer line and limited edition. The woman and her friend actually tried to argue with me...This entire time I didn't call them on their bags..:cursing:..I should have!! But anyways, I tried explaining that Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan had this bag...Finally, coming to my rescue, another girl in Starbucks (Who has the cutest little Coach, and almost made me cheat on Louis) told the women it was a real line and that they had just come out with the lock-it in the Miroir line. Then she said something soooo great, " If you were carrying REAL Louis Vuitton Bags and knew anything about the REAL Louis Vuitton lines then maybe you would know about more lines than FAKE ONES!!"

    Oh classic...These women actually apologized to me for being "mis-informed" and one woman said she didn't know that her bag was fake...Which I doubted but who knows these days!! But I wanted to vent about the STRESSFUL morning I had at Starbucks!!
  2. Ugh! I hate people like this! Where do they get off on having a go at a random person.... I wouldn't of accepted their apology since they were so rude in the first place - theres a difference between curiousity and just plain rudeness.... I hope they were embarrased by their actions and are happy with their newly discovered fakes. That girl was a life-saver!
  3. I'm glad she came to your rescue! I just ignore these people. No point in getting wrinkles over ignorant people
  4. RIGHT? I felt trapped...Because when the whole thing started...We were the only people in there!!
  5. Oh wow, I can't believe someone ACTUALLY approached you to tell you that you have a fake! Well, I guess if you have something that rare, people would assume it's fake. Hmmm...I think I'm going to use my Miroir this weekend...
  6. Just try and put it behind you ... thats all you can do. Don't let it fester your mind though since they were proven wrong :smile:
  7. im glad you just kept your cool. ignorant people are not worth it. situations like this is part and parcel of having LE LV bags. we just have to learn to live with it *sigh*
  8. Have you ever had anybody question yours? I have yet to see a Miroir anything here in AZ...So I mean with it being so rare...But I would not assume a bag was fake (Unless obvious) just because I've never seen it before
  9. Some people are just too nervy for their own good. I'm sorry that you got upset about ignorant & rude women who had no right to be saying such things. I'm not sure where people think they have a right to automatically comment on everyone.
    You know that your bag is real & rare, just ignore them, and try not to let it ruffle you.
  10. aw sorry you had to experience that, they were probably just jealous. They got OWNED by that lady who helped you though haha!
  11. I hate people like rude.
  12. Lol, I had a guy ask me yesterday morning if my mono speedy was a Shanghai special or the real thing. I had to laugh - and then told him that my collection was real.
  13. I couldn't believe that this girl came to my rescue...I mean I was grateful...But I felt like I couldn't prove it on my own..You know? I think I'm going to keep my receipt and like, an ad for the Miroir line in my miroir bags so when I carry them, if this happens again I'll be able to be like..."BOOYA!! Here's my proof!!" LOL...:roflmfao:
  14. a lot of people make these comments. i have heard "i don't see your bag on the website, why is that" for another brand. just enjoy your LE speedy!
  15. Solidarity....I'm glad the girl spoke up...and I understand your frustration...what a morning!!