Someone called a Birkin ugly!!!! :'(

  1. I am so depressed!
    I understand that fuchsia croc Birkin's aren't for everyone...but nobody can call a Birkin ugly. Am I right?
    It just seems so sad.:sad:
  2. well different strokes for different folks . BUT even if i do find some bags ugly (not h mind you)i would never ever in a million years say it to someone i know who loves it kwim?
  3. oh absolutely. I think because I have kind of an artist's eye, so even if I wouldn't use something or buy it for myself I can still appreciate it? Especially something as classic and timeless as a Birkin :smile:
  4. aww don't be upset about it, people have different tastes. I think it was a bit rude of that person to be so straight-forward (especially to someone who obviously appreciates the handbag) but eh, as they say, money can't buy class.

    My sister (of course she's only 16) thinks mine's looks like a mini-house :push: and I just brushed it off! At least I dont have to worry about her borrowing it when I'm not home.
  5. That's true, but some people aren't afraid of speaking their mind, and honestly there's nothing wrong with finding the birkin ugly. Just like lilach mentioned, we all have different tastes. Still, I've heard very few people finding it ugly, some find the designs dull but not really ugly.

    IMO just because something was made long ago and is appreciated by a lot of people over a certain amount of time (a classic) doesen't automatically make it beautiful.
  6. Hey, never heard that before...but I like it. Yeah, everyones got a opinion right? Doesn't make them right or wrong. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As long as they are not being malicious about it, its fine with me.
  7. Oh please!:rolleyes: Don't be depressed. Its only one person's opinion. I'm not into Hermes (yet:p), but I find the fuschia croc birkin GORGEOUS!!!!:heart:
  8. I feel like I'm coming into this in the middle. Who said your Birkin was ugly?:confused1:
  9. Oh I'm not lucky enough to have one yet. I was just looking at a photo and someone I work with was like 'that has to be the ugliest bag I have ever seen! Why would anybody buy one of those? It looks like something my grandma would use.' I just laughed and said maybe her grandma did own one though I doubt it was fuchsia croc :roflmfao: Or maybe it was? hee!

    I'm not actually depressed or upset, I just find it odd how different everyone is :shame: And that things can be classic, yes, and that automatically doesn't make it beautiful...but people confuse simple with ugly. That was the problem in this case (the person said that they don't care about color but the shape and design). Course the person that made the comment has a nice collection of fake LV and Coach :push:
  10. Look at it this way--she won't be in your way when you make a path to the H store to get yours!:yes:
  11. ^
    True that.

    What people usually mean when they call something ulgy or nice is "I don't like it, it's not for me". It's ugly is just a shorter, easier version. :upsidedown:
  12. Oh goody, all the better!

    One less person on earth who doesn't care for the Birkin - means more Birkins for TDPers :graucho:

    I hope this person doesn't like Kellys either :devil:
  13. :lol: Why didn't I dissuade you from getting more Birkins, my friend? LOL! :angel::lol:
  14. She said ugly ???
    Then...Good for us :lol: !!
  15. uh, what dumb behavior!!!!