Someone bought the H bag I was saving up for. :(

  1. Last month I went to Hermes and tried on the Cyclamen Evelyne PM. I didn't have the money at the time and now I do. I was planning on going to Hermes this Friday, my 27th birthday, and buying it as a birthday gift to myself. Today I phoned to ask if they still have it and they don't! :crybaby:

    They only have the GM size, so I asked if they had the PM in any other stores. The SA phoned back and said that they had the PM 2 in the other store. I wanted the regular, which is $1975, but the PM 2 is $400 more at $2375! :cursing: Ugh, and I think the SA said that they don't make Cyclamen anymore (can anyone confirm this?), so I wont be able to get this bag in the future either!
  2. Don't lose hope. Bags miraculously show up sometimes. Additionally, tPF members are great and will look out for ya!
  3. As far as I know,
    Cyclamen has not been discontinued, it's just not as heavily in production as it was last year.

    As of Spring '06, I felt like cyclamen in epsom was not very hard to come by, but nowadays it has kind of vanished. My boutique had a couple of croc belts in cyclamen last march - that was the last time I saw it in the stores in person.

    So your SA is probably right, by saying that it is currently harder to find it in the stores...
    but at H you better never say never ;).
  4. Happy Birthday, Arnott.....:smile:

    Could you use the PM 2 or would it not work for you?? ( I understand about cost, but was wondering if this other size would please you just as much?)
  5. that sucks!
    i am so sorry.


    :balloon: :balloon: happy birthday:balloon:
  6. I really think you should go for the PM 2 if you can. The extra outside pocket is truly invaluable. You can put your cell phone, lip gloss, and othe smaller items that you frequently reach for in the outer pocket. Makes finding things much easier!
  7. Oh no........buying from Hermes directly is difficult unless you are ready to buy right then and there! That is, when you see something.....that moment.....and sometimes that SECOND.

    When this kind of thing happens, I always think it just wasn't the bag for me.....and that the perfect bag will show itself at the right time.

    Take heart and know that the "right" bag will be there when it is supposed to....and you'll be ready.
  8. Happy Birthday..My fellow Taurean!!

    I just had my Birthday 2 weeks ago!!

    Dont worry about the Evelyne Cyclamen. Keep and save that money, until another Cyclamen Evelyne arrives!!! Dont get discourage sweetie!! With will arrive!

    I know that feeling when you have to HAVE it right now, (famous Taurean Trait) it until it comes again!

    Now..dont get TEMPTED to get ANY OTHER BAG..this is what you WANT..and You HAVE to get it!!

  9. Happy Birthday! I am sorry that your Evelyne was gone! :sad: You never know with H...and if anyone can find you one the ladies and gents here can!
  10. Happy Birthday!!!

    I am sure everyone will keep their eyes open for you.
  11. If you can get the PM2 I would recommend it. That extra pocket on the back is a lifesaver. It is the perfect place for papers, airline tickets, and other things that you want to have easy access to.

    I sure hope it all works out for you.
  12. Happy Birthday!!!
  13. actually it seems that everything at Hermes is vert anis and red right now! with a dash of raisin and white
  14. Happy Birthday!!:yahoo:

    Sorry your bag is not there right now. I'm glad that you mentioned it here, b/c tPFers are very GREAT in finding things.

    I have the Evelyne in a PM, and really wished sometimes it had the extra pocket on the outside. Also, if you stuff your Evelyne like I do, you can see the imprint of the inner pocket on the outside of my Evelyne. So think about the Evelyne II?

    Hope you find the bag of your dreams for your birthday present.:heart:
  15. Sorry that you missed your bag. Happy Birthday! Hope someone spots on soon in the US and give you a buzz!